The miserable life of Arknights

The miserable life of Arknights


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Story of: The miserable life of Arknights

[The heroine Shuangxing is plot-oriented. If you don’t understand the main body settings, your perception of the plot may be poor] The joy of time travel to the subsequent survival of Snow Rabbit is the spark of his entire integration, until it burns across the entire Terra, until a city of infected people The mobile city appeared, until she became the queen, until the inhibitor appeared, until... He didn't know that he had rewritten everything. Maybe when he traveled through time and space in the future, he knew the original story at a certain moment or space. line, someone will ask him how he feels looking back on the past and whether he has ever regretted it."It was just because I wanted to live at first, and later... to let the snow rabbit live." ... "I have never regretted it." [Note] This book is not an invincible novel. Tianshuo has just traveled through time. There is not even a slight difference between the physical constitution and an ordinary person in this world. The emotional line with Frost Star will not officially unfold until Casimir. The ice field is only a preliminary stage. It is just written by a new author. There may be a series of problems. Please forgive me.


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