After escaping Warfarin's clutches, Tianshuo and Frost Star Ino return to the beach.

Night has fallen, and the once frenetic Xista is now like a dead city.

The people of Rhode Island and Mayor Shista are discussing how to deal with this natural disaster.

From time to time, low roars are heard from the frozen caves, and the low temperature caused by the cold has gradually recovered.

"Brother Tianshuo! Hug Eno. Ino jumped into the air and was caught by Tianshuo.

"Let's go, go and solve that source stone worm, the gem is still inside."

"Gems? Is it a thumb-sized stone. Tianshuo remembered the information obtained from the previous spatial unfolding.

There was a stone in the center of the huge source stone worm's lair, which was sorted out by Tianshuo because it was very special and completely different from the shape of other stones around.

"You found it? It's a lottery... It's similar to the one on my necklace.

"Probably about the same... I don't know if it's what you said, I found it in the lair before, but it's a cliff, covered with magma underneath, and you can't go down at all, and the big guy is also there. Frost

Star looked down in thought and did not speak.

"With that thing, Sister Frost Star will have a suitable medium to cast the Source Stone Technique, and it won't hurt the body too much." Eno whispered in Tianshuo's ear.


Ino's head lightly tapped on Tianshuo's shoulder.

"Go, Snow Hare, take you to eat barbecue magma source stone worms today." Tianshuo pulled up the frost star with his left hand and ran towards the cave.

"Huh? Can that thing really be baked and eaten? Frost Star, who was being pulled running behind, was interrupted by her train of thought, and she was thinking about how to get the gem without affecting the ecology here.

After all, all of what Tianhuo said before was caused by the destruction of the ecological environment of the source stone worm, and she still remembered it in her heart.

"Just try it and find out, just in time to take revenge, it scalded the magma and made me very hot now."

"You guy

Can you hear the mouth of the cave at the Shista volcano

? The frequency of the volcano is climbing rapidly, and according to your words, the source stone worm inside should have awakened. Ayafarah's voice reached everyone's ears from the communication device.

It's not that everyone hasn't entered, but that cliff directly stops everyone here.

Ayafara still detected volcanic anomalies after returning to the lair after the giant source stone worm that Kelsey called Pompeii returned to the lair, and it would not be long before the other party came out again.

After the Doctor and Kelsey and PRTS simulated the battle plan, let everyone wait for each other to come out and act according to the plan, and the integrated movement Froststar will also come to support.


The whole volcano trembled, and rubble rolled down from above and fell towards everyone.


Rhode Island main ship

"Askalon." Kelsey looked at the newly collected Pompeii information.

"Now that no one in Rhode Island can keep you safe, I won't go over." Ascalon's voice came from all directions in the control room.

"If you give the order, I will carry it out."


Kelsey put down the information and looked at Mount Xista, "Help me make a cup of tea, it's the same as before."

Askalen walked over to Kelsey and handed it to her, "Actually, you don't have to worry so much, right?" Tianhuo, Frost Star, and Tianshuo's kid are there.

"Askaren, do you know why I want you to go before?" Because that volcano itself will erupt, and you need to protect them. Kelsey walked out of the control room with a teacup.

"But not anymore, let's go, go and see what Warfarin has been doing lately."


Xista Volcano Cave Entrance

: "Everyone is okay." Amia's voice came out through the communication in a thick smoke.

"Snow Rabbit, the guy you said called Pompeii is almost at the door." Tianshuo's blood blade was already in his hand, and he was the eye here in this billowing smoke.

"This guy... It was even bigger than the last time, and all the magma inside the cave had disappeared.

"I probably absorbed most of the magma." Tianhuo choked on the thick smoke and coughed for a while: "This guy's spell is also too bad, such a thick smoke."

"Miss Tianhuo, calm down! Your clothes are on!! "Provence, because it was closest to the location of the heavenly fire, could see very clearly, and the coat of the skyfire had begun to burn.

You have to kill it in the cave, and maybe you will come up with some new tricks.

Tianshuo had already touched the cave.

Space unfolds

"... There are so many source stone worms again, and the number is more than the one I faced alone before, I don't know how many times more. Tianshuo goosebumps rose all over his body.

"The smoke is about to clear, everyone is going according to plan."

"It's full of source stone worms, are you sure you include these source stone worms?" Tianshuo's voice came to everyone's ears from inside the cave.

"Dr. Kelsey told us a long time ago, all counted, the source stone worm handed over to Efrit and them." Skyfire and Hei came to Tianshuo's side.

"As for this big guy, leave it to us."

Tianshuo resisted the flying magma block, "Kill it here, this volcano will not erupt immediately?"

"Leave it to me." Frost Star condensed an ice blade into the huge body, exploded ice flowers in the body, and directly cut a small piece of Pompeii corpse, and the corpse fell to the ground and froze and fell to the ground into countless ice slag.

"It's broken, I'm like a fool, I don't know what the plan is."

"I'm coming!" Huang took the chainsaw and heated the air in the area to expand rapidly, causing her to smash into Pompeii like a shooting star.

The chainsaw caused Pompeii to tear a huge crack on his side, and Hei and Tianshuo appeared on both sides of Huang at the same time, cutting the wound that had been cut by the Huang chainsaw.

The corpse that broke away from Pompeii's body froze in an instant and fell to the ground, turning into ice slag.

"Sasha! I know you're there, support me, I'm going to give it a whole awesome, I'm very vindictive.

Tianshuo found Pompeii's head, and Tianshuo bit his finger to let the blood drip on the blood blade.

Super accelerated, and the blood blade became sharper after sucking the blood of the time element in Tianshuo.

The blood blade in Tianshuo's hand pulled out a golden light and cut towards Pompeii's hidden head.

Countless magma erupted from the ejection vent at the top of Pompeii, like a meteor falling towards the sky near it.

"Little one, let me teach you what the Source Stone Technique is." A little starlight appeared in front of the heavenly fire, quickly converged into a huge fire body, flew upwards, and exploded instantly when it came into contact with magma, blocking all magma, like oversized fireworks.

Magma seeped through tiny holes in Pompeii's body in an attempt to block Tianshuo's attack.

A crossbow arrow with a purple halo entered those tiny holes, emitting a muffled sound of explosion inside.

"When did this kid Sasha learn to use explosive arrows?"

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