In the place after the crossbow exploded, the pieces of meat began to fester rapidly, even if it was Pompeii.

"And the intense corrosiveness..."

Tianshuo silently mourned for those who were enemies of Sasha.

"Sasha, this kid, how did he become so insidious now." Tianshuo showed a hint of a smile, and the blood blade in his hand easily cut into Pompeii's head, "But I like it."


Pompeii, whose head was cut off, began to go manic, and the crazy spray of magma emitted extreme heat.

The source stone technique of Heavenly Fire and Pompeii's magma constantly collided and exploded in the sky above the cave, and the flowing heat ashed Heavenly Fire's clothing, and even the ends of her hair fluttered like a tongue of flame.

Fortunately...... In the scene of the showdown with Pompeii, there are no other men except for an invisible Tianshuo.

Tianshuo is locked by the manic Pompeii and is frantically fleeing on the melting wall.

The Tianshuo space, which was fleeing, unfolded, and learned that the small half of his head had turned into ice slag, "My heart is much more balanced."

"Huang! You guys hurry up, I can't hold it anymore, so I cut off half of its head like crazy. "

I don't think it's unreasonable that it's crazy." After sawing down a sharp corner of Pompeii, Huang watched Tianshuo flicker on the nearly 90° cave wall.

"How the hell is this done?"

"Sasha! Find a chance to give it another arrow! Tianshuo rushed upwards along the cave wall and flipped backwards to avoid the magma ejected from Pompeii.

Spinning over Pompeii, it swept through the gap where Heavenly Fire and Pompeii were fighting, and fell towards Pompeii's huge body, and the blood blade plunged into Pompeii's body, tearing a huge wound in the back.

The purple crossbow arrow reappeared, passing through Tianshuo's face and shooting into the wound.

"Well done!!"

Tianshuo jumped from Pompeii with a loud noise.

"You really trust that crossbowman..." Huang and Tianshuo briefly rested back to back, "If he is a little more crooked, you will be there."

"Sasha is very strong, who else can believe if he doesn't believe him?"

A beam of magma separates the two.

Pompeii's huge size has shrunk a lot, and the broken ice slag on the ground has been turned into water vapor by high temperature.

"Snow Hare, can it hold up?" Tianshuo intentionally or unintentionally cut the magma block flying towards the frost star.

"It's okay, it can last a long time after having a medium, but the gem may not be able to hold it soon." The gemstones in front of the Frost Star's collarbone have begun to gradually lose their original luster.


It was the gem under the cliff, Tianshuo exerted all his strength to unfold space, and the magma of the entire volcano was almost all on this giant source stone worm, Pompeii.

There was no more magma where the gem was.

"I'll go get it for you."

Tianshuo bit his finger again, and the blood melted into the blood blade "Sasha! Listen to my instructions for a while, and shoot as much as you can. "

Space forbidden, the injured head of the super accelerated

Pompeii has completely shrunk in, even if it is forbidden with space, Tianshuo cannot break through that huge body in such a short time and directly cut off the opponent's head.

The best way is to use space to forbid surprises, and to cut the opponent's body protecting the head and let Sasha attack.

In the case of space prohibition, Tianshuo cut the other party's thick body, and the space ban was lifted.

The Tianshuo in the eyes of others disappeared in place, pulled out an afterimage and appeared at the other end over Pompeii, only to see a huge crack on Pompeii's head.

"Sasha! It's now!! Half

a second after Tianshuo gave the order, three purple crossbow arrows finally arrived, hitting Pompeii in the head.

"Bang !!"

"Goodbye, Monsieur Pompeii." Tianshuo turned and walked towards the lair, and the rest could be handed over to Huang, his head was severely damaged, and all parts of his body were almost collapsed, and Pompeii couldn't hold out for long.

"Ahem... When can I fight a protracted war. After Tianshuo spat out a mouthful of blood, he was immediately much more relieved, and his body was indeed the same as Askalun said, it was too weak.

In addition, as long as the source stone technique is used, there will be that chant, so there is no way to last.

"When you come out, you should go to Dr. Kelsey and ask if there is any other potion."

Through spatial unfolding, it is nearly a kilometer high from the cliff down to the bottom.

“...... Broken, how can this go down. "

Although I also fell at a height of tens of meters before, I was also crippled and lay down for half a day before recovering.

Tianshuo bit his finger and dripped blood on the blood blade, tied the blood blade in his hand with the mutilated clothes, and then opened the space to investigate.

"It should... You okay. Tianshuo came to the edge of the cliff, and because of the invisibility, this bottomless scene like the entrance to the abyss did not affect his courage in the slightest.

"Whew~" Tianshuo jumped against the wall and accelerated.

It fell down like a shooting star.

"Me!! It's too fast..." The blood blade in Tianshuo's hand plunged into the wall next to him, cutting tens of meters of rift on the cliff wall.

Hand...... It felt like it was going to be pulled off.

The wall

directly below Tianshuo suddenly exploded, and the force generated by the distortion made Tianshuo feel that his lungs were being squeezed madly, although it did successfully slow down the descent.

By constantly using twisting to blow up the gravel, and then using the space forbidden to step on the gravel as a secondary buffer, he successfully reached the bottom of the cliff.

"Ahem... When it was over, the chant in my head turned into a chorus.

Tianshuo got up from the ground, stumbled to the gem, picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand, "The headache is dead..."

Tianshuo came to the place where he came down, slipped against the wall and sat on the ground unconscious.


Rhode Island's main ship

"Kelsey..." Warfarin was standing beside Kelsey, like a child who had made a mistake.

"Tianshuo gave it to you?" Kelsey looked at the two small potion bottles on the table.

Warfarin nodded.

"Any idea why I didn't let you study?"

Warfarin nodded.

"This data is all rotten in the head."

Warfarin nodded.

"Is it unwilling."

"Even if you didn't know the consequences before you did it, you should already know it when you were doing this experiment." Kelsey picked up two tubes of potions containing blood and walked outside the blood bank.

"After Tianshuo comes back, you can also discuss it together, if he still agrees after knowing the consequences, then you will be in charge of this project."

Askalon appeared outside the door, "This is the blood of that kid?" "

How long has it been since I saw Warfarin so attentive to a person's blood." Askalen nagged after Kelsey.

"But that guy's blood is also curious, what is it that allows him to recover so quickly..."

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