Iron Element....

Tianshuo cut off the iron thorn from the thorn, and he is now fighting like a hedgehog body, only this hedgehog skin is reversed.

The mountain was gradually lost because of the shackles.

This environment is simply too favorable for the other party, although it is not enough to pose a threat to Tianshuo, but it will be dragged down all the time without causing chanting in his head.

"Ahhh... It's really irritating. Tianshuo gradually moved faster, pulling out the afterimage in the eyes of everyone.

"This is..." Jaston felt the scene a little out of his control.

After cutting off all the iron thorns, Tianshuo came behind Jeston and slashed down.

"Strange... How I felt similar to those iron thorns I cut off before. Tianshuo sensed something was wrong after winning and quickly opened the distance.

Without the feeling of cutting flesh, it's like cutting pieces of iron.

And Askalun's poison did not attack, it was logical that the other party would die instantly, but the truth was not as Tianshuo thought.

"Why are the source stone skills of one and two so strange..."

Did you transform your body?

"So who is coming... Anthony! You back off first. Tianshuo rushed towards Jeston, and he was ready to scrape the iron sheet on the other party's body.

After the mountain retreated, Tianshuo's bloody blade continued to leave knife marks on Jaston's body, cutting out cracks one by one.

Jaston's hands turned into black blades, fighting against Tianshuo's blood blades, and they were broken in an instant.

The chant is much clearer again... It made Tianshuo feel irritable, and the speed of his body became faster and faster.

Jaston was peeled by Tianshuo at great speed like a stake.

This person won't be a robot, will he...

Tianshuo became more and more convinced of his judgment.

When Tianshuo approached again, iron thorns exploded from the surface of Jeston's body 360° without dead angles.

"Shhh Your stuff is too simple compared to the spikes of the inner guard. Tianshuo's blood blade cut a half-moon in the air, cutting off the iron thorn in front of him.

The body twisted his legs around Jaston's head and neck, and the blood blade was inserted into the opponent's chest, and the hands and feet exerted force at the same time.


The crisp sound of cracks and prison sirens sounded.

Tianshuo jumped up from Jeston's body to Duma's side.

It's good to peel the iron from the other party's neck in advance, otherwise it's really hard to screw it off.

"Strange... Obviously he twisted his neck and the blood blade also successfully cut his chest cavity, why..." Tianshuo Space unfolded and found the other party stunned in place, in order to confirm his conjecture.

Unfold the space and infiltrate it.

"Damn, it's a robot." Tianshuo cursed secretly, manipulating the iron element... It's long overdue.

So who is the real Jaston?

The blood blade in Tianshuo's hand was clenched, and it was possible that all the people present except for the few who escaped from prison could be...


Columbia Prison Core Zone

: "Who do you say is locked up here?" The guard outside the doctor's cell said to the guard on the other side.

"Or personally say that we want to provide each other as our own mother."

"Who knows, there are more big people who have taken refuge in prison this year."

"This prison is a place to squeeze oil and water, you can send in people you don't like, people you like, as long as you have money..."

The man said halfway through being patted on the shoulder by the prison guard next to him, "This is what we can say?" Keep your mouth shut.

"Well, you know I know, who else knows?"

Another pointed to the Doctor's cell: "The sound insulation here is not very good.

"But this time I didn't hint at it as usual, but directly named it, indicating that this person has to take care of..."

"Come on, you and I are also lucky to be sent here, the alarm just now is clear, the mobile prison next door has an accident, there are some murderous and ruthless characters there..."

Mansfield Prison Morgue

"Anthony, be careful, this thing is a robot, and the real Jauston doesn't know where it is." Tianshuo protected Duma behind him, wary of the prisoners lying on the ground.

Robot Jaston clapped his hands, applause echoing through the morgue.

"I have to say, Mr. Blindfold, you are very strong, I don't even have the ability to resist at all, but you can't kill me." The iron filings on the ground that had been peeled off by Tianshuo floated up and returned to him.

"Because you don't know where I am, Mr. Blindfold, what are you going to do? Do you kill all the people here, or leave them behind and run away alone?

"It's really getting more and more interesting, it's so much more interesting than just killing."

Sereya is almost there, just need to hold on a little longer, two people, one to protect Duma, and one of them to crush Jeston.

"Come on, Mr. Blindfold, make a choice, now that the prison guards who have come to support have arrived at the door, time will not wait for you." Jeston strolled back and forth in the morgue, leisurely.

"After you escape, I will kill them, then investigate you, and then slowly approach you, and you will not find me, because I can completely change my appearance and change into another form."

Jaston said word by word slowly.

"It's interesting to get close to your important people and make choices about them."

Tianshuo stopped his guard and turned his whole face at Jaston.

"How, do it..."

Jaston's entire head was cut off by the bloody blade, causing Tianshuo to kick into the wall and sink in.

"Did you make a mistake?" Tianshuo flipped the blood blade and stabbed into the part of Jaston's body that made the sound, shattering it.

Jaeston watched his body fall to the ground, "No, no... No, or... Xu yes, you didn't... There is a clarification of... Clear. "

The morgue began to tremble, and the walls turned into countless iron thorns stabbing towards everyone in the morgue.

Space Forbidden

Tianshuo cut off all the iron thorns at this moment, stepping on Jaston's body, and the space was distorted.


Jaston's body made a loud muffled sound, and then it was twisted like a twist.

Tianshuo walked towards the head sunken in the wall, "It's not that I can't kill you, I just don't want my head to be uncomfortable, that's all, but you shouldn't threaten me with the snow rabbit, although I know you can't threaten them either."

Tianshuo inserted the blood blade into the other party's head and tore it off the wall, "Seriously, when I came to Colombia, I was angry, as if nothing had gone well, and I met a neuropathy like you.

Tianshuo lifted Jeston's head and walked towards the morgue, where Sereya collided with the real Jeston.

Leaving a place of prisoners and mountain people to stare dryly.

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