the tall Sakaz walked toward the black ash, and the shield guards made way for him.

The black ashes that had frozen in the air became excited by the arrival of the ancient Wendigo, and they greedily swept towards the patriots.

Returned to no avail when touching the Patriot armor.

The crowd watched the patriots walk in tornado-like black ash.

"Your master, I have also slaughtered, stand down." The halberd in the hands of the patriot cuts a path in the air, a straight avenue.


Tianshuo was walking in one direction in the sea of flowers, and as for the length of walking, he couldn't remember.

Sometimes he could see the tail of some creature faintly appear in the sky, and he could hear the roar that he had never heard before.

Boundless, he didn't even see the sun moving a single bit above the sky.

"You don't want to be trapped here."

He doesn't feel thirsty, doesn't feel hungry, doesn't feel tired and sleepy here, and is always in his peak state.

He tried to wake him up with pain, but when he bit into the flesh on his hand, he found that it didn't hurt, and the bleeding wound recovered in a few moments.

Even the blood that flowed out would flow back against the flow, and this strange scene gave Tianshuo a long insight.

"He (foul language), what the hell is this place." Tianshuo lay in a sea of flowers, no matter how bad they were, they would return to their original state a few seconds after he left, just like a phone that had been formatted.

"Wait, it won't be that I'm dead in reality." Tianshuo sat up from the sea of flowers.


The patriot came to Tianshuo, and a huge bell tower was protecting him with golden light.

"Self-protecting the Lord's Source Stone Technique... Never seen it. "

The patriot returned in vain, he could not get close, and the pebbles that rolled into the golden light range of the bell tower were instantly extinguished, and there was no ash left.

"Dad?" Frost Star everyone looked at the patriot who came out.

"Not dead yet, his source stone technique is very special." The Patriot calmed Froststar and came to Tallula.

"You gave the city away?"

"It seems that you have received my message."

"Their actions can be called betrayal, your permission justifies them, and you destroy the execution of discipline."

"From the moment they asked to leave, we couldn't stop it." Tallulah looked in the direction of the moving city, she was not angry or unwilling.

"He who has no faith, who has no perseverance, from beginning to end, should not fight."

"According to this standard, no one is qualified to fight in the first place."

"Discipline is better than iron." The Patriot's halberd was raised on the ground with a muffled sound: "Kill them and retake the city, this is what you owe for your troops, your fellow citizens."

"Let them know that infected people can kill a group of cornered people for the sake of a ruined city?"

"They break discipline."

"They are not fighting for discipline from beginning to end, Mr. Patriot, they are there to survive."

"It's been four years since I first saw you, and I never formally ordered you, just let you attend, or refused to cooperate. Now I don't know if you're becoming more mature or weaker. "

“...... Is it because I disagree with your point of view?

"You can now simply call on the other infected and declare that they have betrayed the cause of the infected, and they will be executed immediately."


Tallulah shook her head, "I can't.

"You hesitate because they are infected, and you hesitate. Do you think this is not honorable? It's good that you don't love murder and don't cling to rights, but you may need someone to do it.

"Mr. Patriot, it's not that I dare not do this, nor do I claim to be more moral than others."

The patriot picked up the halberd stuck in the ground: "Then I will go with the guerrillas, and if you do not want to fight with them, then the guerrillas will go."

The patriot noticed the change in Tallula's expression.

"How? What kind of expression are you? Really think I'm like they say? "The patriot pondered" is a so-called pure and noble person?

"Such people died long before the war began."

"Except..." The patriot's words did not continue, and he watched the snow monster run towards him.

"We received a message from the mobile city and voted for the Usas garrison in this area, exposing our location to them."

The patriot stared at Tallula, "They are using us to lure away the Usas army."

"No one wants this battle to happen, and it's right that you came with them." Tallulah looked at the protected children and logisticians behind the Shield Guard army with the mobile tents.

"Their ignorance will make them slide step by step towards destruction." The patriots turned to the partisans and gave orders to shift.


"You lead the team and let the snow monster squad follow the guerrillas." The patriot's big hand touched Frost Star's head: "That kid, you can't die." "

Frost Star looked into the black ash, the rabbit's long ears were not in the state of the downward bend" Yes.

"Tallula, it's time to go." The patriot reminded the girl crouching in front of the black ash.

"The Usas army can't resist this black ash either, right, Mr. Patriot."

The patriot picked up Tallula, "Unless there is another inner guard, no one will think about going in." "


Tianshuo lay in the sea of flowers and stretched out his hand to cover the sun in the sky, "Already... Dead?

"I haven't touched the snow rabbit's ears yet... Sister Ta's dragon horn has not been touched.

"No, every time I enter here, I am unconscious, not dead, just unconscious." Tianshuo jumped up from the sea of flowers, "Gotta find a way out."

"Every time that faint strange tail in the sky appears, the flower will go in one direction." This direction is also the direction that Tianshuo has been moving forward.

"But there is no end to this place at all, (foul language) "

The source stone technique can't either..."

Source Stone Craft?

"Yes, how to forget, anyway, I can't die now, Lao Tzu will die."

Saying that, Tianshuo unfolded the space.

This familiar pain, this chant, is that smell.

Expand, expand, continue to expand.

"Poof." A mouthful of blood spewed out, and the eyes, nose and ears were slightly oozing blood.

The next moment all the blood drilled back again, a feeling that Tianshuo felt that he would never forget.

"My head hurts... Don't sing your language I don't understand again. Tianshuo slapped his head hard, trying to overwhelm the mental torture brought to him with physical pain.

It's a pity that he won't feel pain.

Continuing to expand, the boundless sea of flowers reflected in Tianshuo's mind, farther and farther away.


"I... Wow... This top... Can't stand it. Tianshuo knelt on the ground, his hands frantically beating his uncomfortable brain, and his whole body was red.

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