"I'll take you to your dad." Tianshuo was looking for Andrei's traces, but unfortunately he didn't find it, this guy won't run away....

"Daddy, daddy, where is he?"

"I don't know."

"It turns out that there are things that Mr. does not know."

"I don't know much." Tianshuo looked for Sasha and Ino while saying, "Since you haven't found your father, tell me what you do?" Hayashi

was silent.

"Nothing? The eldest ladies of the big family are like this... Well, delicate?

"I should know anything but fight." Zao Lu looked up at the tall figure in front of her.

"Uh... Isn't it, what about siege guns? Just the one on the city wall. Tianshuo pointed to the siege weapon in the distance and said.

"Yes, before the rise to become a new aristocracy, the family was actually not so housekeeper and nanny, and the tedious things were more or less contacted, and it would be all right, and then my father brought me a lot of books, all kinds of books, and there were also about other countries." Zao Lu elaborated on the previous events: "That siege gun, Dad took me to operate, can use it." "

“...... Very good. "The more Tianshuo experienced, the more he felt like a waste." "

Found Ino, but why is he standing at the Early Dew School?"

"Go, go to your school."

Ino stood outside the school, with short white hair and light blonde eyes. He wears a white uniform, white shorts and white stockings, and wears an armband similar to Sasha's on his left arm.

Black cane in the right hand? Or something, Tianshuo didn't quite know, consisting of a skull and a sharp metal device.

"Kill, kill." The crazy corners of Ino's mouth and extremely excited personality made Tianshuo almost think that Ino's sacrifice was taken.

"Eno." Tianshuo interrupted Ino's unusual behavior from the side.

"Brother Tianshuo?" He threw himself into Tianshuo's arms and hugged Tianshuo.

Tianshuo rubbed Ino's hair, and he heard a lot of screaming in the school.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm driving them to one place and gathering them in the same way my mother used to drive me into a corner, and..."

Tianshuo felt that Ino's was a little abnormal: "You are here now, there is Sasha, there is me, and everyone, the previous things will not happen again."

Ino didn't speak, just buried his head in Tianshuo's arms.

"Can you stop those two things?"

"Inside... are all people who bully friends, why... Can't kill, they live is..."

"Ino, you can't guarantee that everyone is like that, various reasons have come together to form the current situation, Sister Ta also told you."

Ino didn't continue to speak and think.

"Well... Listen to Brother Tianshuo. Ino ordered the things in the school to evacuate, and the Phantom Crossbowman squad led by Sasha who was ambushed in the shadows also began to evacuate.

"What does Sister Tower think, put you both in Chernoberg."

"We came in with Sister Frost Star, and then Sister Frost Star and the Snow Monster Squad Division met a team of difficult guys, so I asked Eno and I to go first." Sasha came out from the side to show his figure.

"The other party is also infected, and the leader has long ears like Sister Frost Star, and is very young."

The space unfolded

and did not see the snow rabbit, and should have successfully evacuated, but caught the group of people who went to the sarcophagus.

"The whole team ... Forget it, there is no team, Sasha, you take the Phantom Crossbowman squad to this place to hide. "Tianshuo points to the map? Location "Don't do it until I arrive, Eno will go too." He

rubbed Eno in his arms again, "To listen to Sasha." "

Mephistopheles, Eno's code name." Mephistopheles came out of Tianshuo's arms and left with Faust.

Why hadn't I discovered that Ino was behaving abnormally sooner....

Found it, Andrey.

However, it doesn't seem to be good.

"Natalia, go, find Master Andrei, but don't get your hopes up."


"Master Andrei, you don't look good." Tianshuo looked at Andre, who was lying in a pool of blood, being held in his arms by Zaolu.

"Sir... Go...... Go start Chell ... Chernoberg, natural disasters ... A natural disaster is coming. Andrei intermittently uttered syllables from his mouth.

Act of God?

"My daughter... The

air did become dry, and the air was slowly rising.

"The deal has been set up, I will do it."

After returning Andrei's body to the empty old house in Rostov, Tianshuo and Zaolu set off in the direction of Pinok.

Act of God...... Sister Ta, you have to come quickly."

"Pinok! Can I contact Sister Ta?

"No, it's a one-way call."

"It's broken..." Tianshuo pulled the early dew behind him in front of him, "Natalia, you follow Pinok, cheer up, the matter is over... Bah, anyway, I'll come to you after that.

Tianshuo turned and ran in the direction of Sashaino, natural disaster, how long ago was the news? I don't know at all.

There should be a while before there is any movement, why (foul) even natural disasters come to make fun!

There is no movement below, and it seems that the other party has not yet moved.

The sarcophagus has been opened, and the people inside have been rescued, and they are still alive. There was also a person hidden in the shadows, and I couldn't even see the detailed location after I unfolded it.

Going out now will definitely be exposed.

From here, Sashaino can see Tianshuo directly, and Tianshuo gestures without moving.

Sasha can also detect people in the shadows, and can only vaguely perceive it, or under Ino's source stone technique, he can barely know the approximate location of the other party.

A very terrifying opponent, Brother Tianshuo was right to wait for him to come before acting.

Someone came in again? Tianshuo reacted quickly, using space forbidden to rush to Sasha's side in an instant, asking Sasha to hide him.

Although it was a lot of load on his body, he didn't want to be exposed, especially under the eyes of that guy in the shadows.

The dead cockroach walked side by side with a new face. There was also a group of Sakaz mercenaries following behind him.

"Hey, W, I just saw a lot like the blind man you said." Ines spoke beside W. Ines has long black hair, blond eyes, and wears a black dress and black over-the-knee leather boots.


"It's gone in an instant..."

"I said, your clairvoyance is a decoration, see who disappears."

"Wait, there's a group of people outside the central city." Ines reached out and stopped W.

The group stopped moving, "Which force?" "

Now Chernoberg is so mixed that he has to be cautious.

"This can't be... How could it be here.

"(Sakaz foul mouth) What the hell did you see!"

"I saw the Tower of Babel... Doctor. "

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