This time, I don’t ask about my grades, I only ask about my heart. This time I just want to write a book well. This time I write about hope. I write about the deepest dream in my heart. I really want to take it seriously. Really live once in a dream.

I am ordinary and mediocre, but my dreams are not mediocre at all. Before I fall asleep every day, I will enter the space of my dreams, live bit by bit in that space, walk inch by inch, from bare ass. At the beginning, create a dream space that belongs to me and everyone.

It’s just that this space appears more real and more maneuverable than any space in my novels in the past.

This was originally not the introduction of this book. The introduction is much better than this, but I don’t know which late drunkard outside the study is singing “The Wrangler City”, I don’t know how many wives he ran away, and the singing was so teary Cleft heart.

Somehow, my heartless fat man who was nearly fifty years old was bursting with tears. People, the older you get, the more lifeless you are.

Then, the introduction becomes like this. You can read it if you make it. If the book is not good, just scold me in the book review area. I’m still an old habit and listen carefully.

In addition, if you like juvenile enthusiasm, please go and read “Tangzhuan”, “Wisdom of Song Dynasty”, “Silver Fox”, “Hanxiang” and “Tomorrow”. The minimum subscriptions are all over 25,000. The quality of the book is guaranteed. This time, please allow me to cross slowly, happily, and forcefully.

Sincerely, your old friends and 2

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