The end of the world: mountain and sea disasters

The end of the world: mountain and sea disasters


234 Chapters Ongoing Status


In 2036, there will be a catastrophe in the mountains and seas!
The earth began to expand and the ancient environment reappeared.
At first it was just a rare meteor shower, a group of rats that mutated into the size of a calf, and a storm rolled up in the deep sea, until these disasters connected from dot to piece, and finally swept the world, closely related to everyone.
Abnormal disasters are coming one after another, and strange creatures are flooding the world.
Giant beasts roam the deep sea, and giant mechas are no longer just a fantasy.
Full-time hunters have taken advantage of the general trend to rise, and the tide of biological evolution cannot be resisted.
Weird gods and ghosts, indescribable things, and all kinds of strange special containment bodies.
This is...the era of cataclysm!
Yu Ke possesses a professional label system and has the magical ability to accumulate professional experience and thereby obtain professional characteristics.
[Forest Hunter]——[Wild Hunt]——[God Hunter]
Start at a sentry tower outside Mirror Lake Forest.
Witness the drastic changes in this world.

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