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Chapter 1,472 The Fifth Level Body of the God King

"The ferocious beast of the tenth level of the Divine Lord is indeed extraordinary!"

Shen Changqing looked at Zhu Yan in front of him, feeling increasingly satisfied.

The secret of controlling beasts is extraordinary. If you subdue a ferocious beast, you will receive one percent of the beast's power as a gift.

One percent of Zhu Yan's power can allow Shen Changqing to physically break through the fifth level of the Divine Lord. This shows how big the gap is between the tenth level of the Divine Lord and the fifth level of the Divine Lord.

If Zhu Yan, who was at the tenth level of the Divine Lord, faced a ferocious beast at the fifth level of the Divine Lord, he would probably be able to kill it in one encounter.

in addition.

When the blood essence brand was integrated into it earlier, Shen Changqing also realized how powerful Zhu Yan was.

The last time he conquered the dragon elephant, Shen Changqing succeeded in one attempt and this did not happen.

From here, it can be seen that Zhu Yan is much stronger than Long Xiang.


This is quite normal.

The dragon elephant conquered in the Ancient Emperor's Secret Realm was far from adulthood, but Zhu Yan was already an adult and qualified to attack the realm of the God Emperor.

Just saying.

Under the suppression of the rules of the heavens, it is not easy for the ancient beasts to break through the God Emperor.

Don’t talk about the realm of the God Emperor.

Even after stepping into the realm of Divine Lord, every step of breakthrough in cultivation is full of difficulties and dangers.

After all, at that time, the heavens were not friendly to monks of the Divine Lord and above.

Now that the catastrophe has broken out, the situation has improved somewhat.


It takes a long time for the beast to break through.

Zhu Yan was able to step into the tenth level of the Divine Lord purely because of his bloodline.

This is the benefit of top bloodline.

A superior God-Emperor bloodline, even if they do nothing, eat enough, drink enough and sleep every day, and allow time to grow on their own, can step into a realm that other ferocious beasts and monks will find difficult to achieve in their entire lives.

The tenth level of the divine king!

Even among the most talented and beautiful top geniuses in the world, not many can truly step into this realm, let alone ordinary monks.

Zhu Yan was able to reach the tenth level of the Divine Lord as an adult, which shows how great the benefits of bloodline are.

But God is sovereign.

To get the benefits of bloodline, the ferocious beast must give up something.


Shen Changqing didn't have any envious thoughts.

Don't talk about the superior blood of the God Emperor. As an adult, you can enter the tenth level of the God Emperor. Even if you enter the tenth level of the God Emperor as an adult, he will not be envious.

after all.

Shen Changqing's goal has never been the realm of the God Emperor, but the level of the Immortal God.


Shen Changqing might be a little tempted to have such a strong bloodline and directly step into the realm of immortal gods as an adult.


It's just some excitement.

at this time.

Among the essence and blood marks, Zhu Yan felt weak and had a strong need for flesh and blood.

See this.

Shen Changqing immediately released his hold on Zhu Yan and said, "Go, now all the ferocious beasts are your food.

You can kill as many as you want, I won't stop you! "

The words fell.

Shen Changqing rose into the air.

Zhu Yan, who had fallen down, struggled to get up again.

Seeing Zhu Yan stand up again, the expressions of the monks from all races changed drastically.

After all, they had just witnessed the ferocity of the ancient ferocious beasts. They thought that Zhu Yan had fallen, but they did not expect that the other party would stand up again.

Just when all the monks thought that Zhu Yan was about to attack the defense line, they saw that the opponent directly grabbed a divine beast and tore it with both arms. The beast had no time to scream and was torn into two by the brute force. Half

Immediately afterwards.

Zhu Yan opened his huge mouth and directly chewed and swallowed the flesh and blood of the ferocious beast.

In less than a moment, a divine beast was devoured by it.


Zhu Yan grabbed the second ferocious beast of the God Lord and used the same method to crush and devour it easily.

One after another ferocious beasts fell into the belly, and Zhu Yan's injuries were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. This scene made the monks of all races stunned.

"What's going on? Why did ancient Zhu Yan attack the ferocious beast?"

"It's strange. It seems that Sect Leader Shen has stopped taking action against Ancient Zhu Yan. Could it be that they have reached an agreement?"

"Are you kidding? The ferocious beast has no intelligence. How can we reach an agreement? If you say that Sect Master Shen conquered the ancient Zhu Yan, there may be some credibility..."

A monk smiled and said something, but before he finished speaking, he paused.


The beast has no intelligence.

Now Zhu Yan did not continue to attack the defense line, but directly attacked other ferocious beasts. If the two had not reached an agreement, it could only be said that Zhu Yan had been subdued by Shen Changqing.

Normally, an ancient ferocious beast like Zhu Yan cannot be subdued by other monks.

But Shen Changqing is different.

The opponent had already subdued the dragon bird and the dragon elephant, and those two beasts were also ancient beasts.


Long Xiang is on the same level as Zhu Yan.

This same level does not refer to strength, but to blood.

Like Zhu Yan, Long Xiang is also of the superior God-Emperor bloodline.

Since Shen Changqing was able to conquer two ancient ferocious beasts, it was not impossible to conquer a third ancient ferocious beast.


Thinking of Zhu Yan's strength, they felt a little incredible.

After all, Zhu Yan's strength is obviously stronger than the previous two ancient ferocious beasts. If Shen Changqing subdues it, then Tianzong will have another top combat power.

Seeing this, the other two God Masters also looked at each other, each seeing shock in the other's eyes.

They knew very well what Shen Changqing's subjugation of Zhu Yan meant.


The Zhu Yan in front of him was obviously unusual. He was most likely an adult Zhu Yan.

What does adult Zhu Yan represent?

That is the combat power of the top god-king level.


With the superior bloodline of the God-Emperor, it is much easier for Zhu Yan to break through to the realm of the God-Emperor than other top-notch beasts. If Tianzong trains him properly, he will definitely be able to have one more God-Emperor with fighting power in the future.

not only that.

If Zhu Yan's bloodline can be continued, then Tianzong will have a powerful trump card.

after all.

The ferocious beast has a long lifespan that cannot be compared to other monks.

It is common for a ferocious beast to live for several ancient eras.

Ancient ferocious beasts like Zhu Yan would only live longer.


In addition to Zhu Yan, Tianzong already has two ancient ferocious beasts.

Any one of these ancient ferocious beasts is an undesirable existence in the eyes of other gods.

If they could truly tame a ferocious beast of this level, no matter how high the price, these gods would be willing to do so.

Both divine masters could understand that the news that Shen Changqing had subdued the ancient Zhu Yan would definitely cause quite a shock.

In front of the infinite realm.

Zhu Yan slaughtered ferocious beasts on a large scale.

After receiving Shen Changqing's order, it did not continue to attack the defense line, but attacked other ferocious beasts.


Zhu Yan doesn't eat all ferocious beasts. Only ferocious beasts at the level of God Lord can really arouse his appetite.

In Zhu Yan's opinion, ordinary divine beasts and divine king beasts had no desire to devour them.


That's just normal.

Now that Zhu Yan was seriously injured and depleted of energy and blood, he had nothing to choose from.

As long as the ferocious beasts appear within the field of vision, they will all become targets for slaughter.

The extremely ferocious divine beasts were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of Zhu Yan. They had no room for resistance and were easily killed on the spot.

Several hours.

Countless ferocious beasts fell into Zhu Yan's hands.

A large number of ferocious beasts fell, and their flesh and blood fell into Zhu Yan's belly, allowing his injuries to recover visibly with the naked eye, and his depressed aura gradually recovered.

The beast tide that originally attacked the defense line collapsed at this moment.

Although these ferocious beasts want to attack the defense line, they are also afraid of Zhu Yan's ferocious power. With the death of a large number of ferocious beasts, their desire for survival finally overwhelms their desire for flesh and blood.

Less than a moment.

The beast tide was completely defeated.

But just as Zhu Yan was killing people, a fierce aura also burst out from the depths of the Wuji Sea.

next moment.

There was a ferocious beast that was as tall as Zhu Yan and had a body like a giant ape, tearing through the waves and roaring, and went straight towards Zhu Yan.


This ferocious beast was attracted by Zhu Yan.

Seeing that a ferocious beast dared to offend him, Zhu Yan was extremely angry and went towards the ferocious beast without showing any signs of weakness.

The two majestic bodies collided instantly.

Zhu Yan's roar shook the sky, his arms were as thick and burly as mountains, and he clenched his fists with his five fingers. The fierce blood energy broke through his body, and the unparalleled ferocious power spread in all directions.

The invading beast was not weak at all and fought hard with Zhu Yan.

"Another ferocious beast at the level of a top god!"

Shen Changqing frowned slightly.

The dangers in the Wuji Sea were just as he expected. First there was Zhu Yan, a top-level god-king, and now there was another top-level god-king level ferocious beast.

Seeing the appearance of this ferocious beast, Shen Changqing quickly recognized the other party's identity.

Ancient ape!

According to the records, they are just extremely common ferocious beasts.

He possesses the blood of a superior God Lord and can enter the first level of God Lord as an adult. Compared with Zhu Yan, he is completely different.


The ancient ape in front of him has obviously exceeded the limit of his bloodline. If he can give birth to offspring, his offspring will most likely get the bloodline of a superior god.

If time passes and their descendants are allowed to continue to reproduce, then in a few years, all the ancient apes in the world may directly transform from the bloodline of the superior god lord to the bloodline of the superior god lord.

This is the bloodline inheritance of the ferocious beast.

It is difficult to train a ferocious beast.

The ancient ape can cultivate to the level of the top god lord based on the bloodline of the original superior god lord, which shows that the other party is extraordinary.

Moreover, in the past, the rules of the heavens suppressed the cultivation of ferocious beasts, which was already difficult, and it was even more difficult to cultivate to the level of a top god.

Looking at the ancient ape who was fighting Zhu Yan, Shen Changqing smelled a trace of decay from the opponent.

In an instant.

Shen Changqing's face suddenly became clear, and he understood clearly in his heart.

"This ancient ape most likely came from before the ancient catastrophe, so it has such strength. Now that the other party appears here, he probably noticed Zhu Yan's weakness.

The ancient ape wants to devour Zhu Yan, and with the help of the flesh and blood of his top divine blood and the power of the superior blood of the God Emperor, he can break the limits of the God King and officially enter the realm of the God Emperor! "


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