Become Aquaman from Black Robe

Become Aquaman from Black Robe


236 Chapters Ongoing Status


Wei Wen traveled through time and space into the world of black robes.
It's just that it's not good to be whoever you want to be in time travel, but you are wearing a black robe and become a member of the Seven, Shen Hai, who makes everyone laugh and can bully anyone.
But fortunately, he also has a cheat that can add skill points to himself. As long as he has enough skill points, he can improve his abilities to the strongest!
With such a golden finger, Shenhai decided to set a small goal for himself first.
Become the king of the sea first, just like the Aquaman in DC.
As for the future...
Deep Sea's eyes couldn't help but turn to the stars.
Speaking of which, the stars and the sea... are also seas?

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