Star Dome Railway: I develop mobile games in Xianzhou

Star Dome Railway: I develop mobile games in Xianzhou


56 Chapters Ongoing Status


Lin Yu traveled to the world of Xingtie.

He obtained a god-level mobile game creation system, and the first mobile game he developed was “Honkai Impact: Star Rail”.

Soon, his game attracted attention across the universe.

When the player progresses to the Cocolia boss battle.

“Wildfire” sounded.

“Holy crap? You’re playing a turn-based game, how dare you get so excited!”

“The moment the music started playing, I thought I was going to fuck the Star God!”

The progress came to Danheng Kaihai.

“I thought the wildfire was enough, but I didn’t expect there were still experts!”

“Dan Heng, you still said that you are not Lord Yin Yue? It’s already a five-star limit!”

Come to Pinoconi.

“What? Are you suffering from sleepless nights?”

“The strength of Huangquan has been measured, family members can smoke with confidence!”

“Duke Hellfire: Children, this is not funny.”

“Before the plot: sand gold? Aren’t you just a profit-seeking liar! After the plot: May the Mother Goddess close your eyes three times…”

“What placer gold! That is obviously my ill-fated good brother!”


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