Pirates: Trainer on the Straw Hat Ship

Pirates: Trainer on the Straw Hat Ship


214 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through the world of pirates and get a golden finger that can enter the Pokémon game.
I thought I could summon electric rats, garlic bastards, and fire-breathing lizards to kill everyone in the pirate world.
But the protagonist who entered the game was shocked: "Luffy!? Why are you in my Pokémon list!!?"
On top of the war.
"Turn our bond into strength and march forward bravely! Luffy!!! MEGA evolution!"
Nika Luffy, see you!
"Concentrate wholeheartedly! Cut off all obstacles! Zoro! Use Z move!"
The Secret of the Three Sword Style·Z·Ultimate Destruction Flying Dragon Slash!
"Franky Dynamaxes! General Franky Arrives!"
The signal of flying smoke is that the mecha era is coming!
Nami wields the weather stick and wields 100,000 volts, Usopp shoots the whole crowd with a seed machine gun, Sanji transforms into a flame knight and dances in the crowd...
When the Straw Hats, who had obtained the power of Pokémon, came to the top to fight, all the strong men discovered...
It turned out that they had always underestimated that man's power!

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