Hogwarts: Please stop brushing points!

Hogwarts: Please stop brushing points!


135 Chapters Ongoing Status


Pine traveled through the world of Harry Potter and awakened the invincible system of the Academic Master.

As long as you rack up points like crazy, you can get rewards.

The originally calm teachers and students of Hogwarts collapsed:

Dumbledore: "Pine, please don't ruin my plans anymore. That's all I left for Harry to level up."

Professor McGonagall: "We strongly recommend that Pine be banned from answering questions in class. Our Lion Academy is almost 300 points ahead of him alone!"

Snape: "It's ridiculous, you think you can threaten me with a woman named Lily... Come on, I'll give you all the credits!"

The Weasley Brothers: "The No. 1 Taboo of Hogwarts Survival:

Don't mess with Pine Wilson!

In order to get extra points, he was so crazy that he took Filch to catch students on night outs every night! "

Voldemort was confused: "You went to great lengths to resurrect me just to kill me with your own hands?"

Pine was helpless: "I'm sorry, Lao Deng gave me too much before he died. Killing you is worth ten thousand points!"


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