Godzilla from Warhammer 40K

Godzilla from Warhammer 40K


159 Chapters Ongoing Status


He is the eternal enemy of the Lord of Slaughter, bringing death wherever he goes.
He is the scorn of the Great Devourer, and none of the billions of Zerg can devour him.
He is the 'WAAAGH' that the green-skinned orcs love, and he is unrivaled across the universe.
The Lord of Change wrote in a book his plans against him.
The Prince of Joy wanted to imprison him within the Sixth Ring.
He is an enemy and an ally of the Imperium of Man.
His name is Godzilla.
Godzilla from Warhammer 40K.
'where? Warhammer 40K? No, I want to go back to Earth! ! ! ’

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