Warhammer: My Mother Sanguinius

Warhammer: My Mother Sanguinius


191 Chapters Ongoing Status


In the distant future, after the long night, there is only war in the universe.
In order to save the fate of all mankind and realize the ultimate dream - the Emperor of Mankind, he spent all his money to create twenty-one Primarchs.
They are the war gods who conquer the galaxy, the impeccable sons of the Emperor.
But even among the original bodies.
Sanguinius is still a unique freak.
When I was born, the four gods in the highest heaven gave everything they could to this infant.
The red god on the skull throne bestows endless rage and extraordinary bravery.
The Lord of Changes in the infinite labyrinth gave me the foresight to peer into the future and the snow-white wings that symbolize wisdom.
The father of decay in the green garden gave me the extraordinary life to walk in the cruel purgatory.
The prince of darkness in his craggy tower gave me flawless looks.
Behind every gift, there is a price.
When the subspace storm brings soul fragments from the ancient Terran era, the archangel of the empire walks out of the amniotic chamber in the form of a flawless girl. Can she bring new hope to the burning galaxy?
When the Horus Heresy ends and Angel becomes the second Emperor of the Empire, can she lead humanity and the remaining Primarchs to fulfill her father's great dream?

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