"We are still students, you, you are not so good."

Near dusk, the light smoke and warm sun, the soft and gentle sunlight enveloped the headboard of the bed in orange. In the half-open window, the wind came in quietly, sweeping away a trace of heat and silence.

On the bed, she was holding the boy's school uniform with one hand and putting the other on the zipper of his trousers. The buttons of the clothes had been completely pulled apart, revealing a small corner of black underwear.

He was a little resistant, with good-looking deer eyes, helpless and shy.

Shimu retracted his hand in shock, and carefully stepped back.

This is a love hotel, the pink heart-shaped bed behind is covered with roses, the orange light is still on, and the ambiguous purple is scattered. Shi Mu felt something in his mouth and vomited out. A square blue small bag had been opened, and the word Durex was spelled on it.

Her eyes were blank.

The teenager who was able to escape seemed to be relieved, hurriedly zip up the school uniform, from the bottom to the top, turning his back to tidy his pants.

He was still a young man in his infancy, and he still didn't know how to suppress his physiological reaction. The slightly raised legs made him blush.

Fu Yunrui pulled the school uniform jacket down, and after half covering it, he turned his head back cautiously.

"Shimu, are you still tutoring?"

The boy is in a period of changing voice, his clean voice is shallow and hoarse, gentle and moving.

Shi Mu looked back at him.

Fu Yunrui is tall and thin, with cold white skin, round and round eyes, black and bright black hair, and a clean and harmless temperament.

She shook her body, her white teeth biting her upper and lower lips, and she ran out like an escape.

Fu Yunrui was stunned: "Hey..."

The next second, he picked up their schoolbags and chased them out: "Shishi, your schoolbags!"

Shi Mu didn't look back: "No more!"

He frowned. Before he could go out, the cashier at the front desk stopped him: "Please check out."


The dusk faded and the sky was completely dark.

The streets were full of traffic, crowds were bustling, and the night scene was bustling. Shimu walked alone on the street, passing by a clothing store, she stopped.

The girl in the mirror looks sixteen or seventeen years old. She is about 163 years old, her hair is in filthy braids, her face is not yet opened, and she wears heavy makeup, **** short pants, and her two straight legs are bare. The appearance of a bad girl.

Looking at this face, she was a little confused. Is this really going through?

Shimu is 21 years old this year. After graduating from a prestigious school, her family suffered a sudden change, and Shimu couldn't stand the blow all day long. Another accident later caused her to lose her young life.

After death, she was still conscious, her soul wandering aimlessly in the world, watching the hustle and bustle of people and the sunshine that could no longer be touched, she realized the beauty of life.

I don’t know how long, a voice suddenly appeared, and the other party said that it belongs to the Space-Time Administration, which is responsible for managing the three-view distorted and uncorrected world-view time and space. As long as she is willing to accept the task, she will be given a chance to live again. Shimu accepts it. .

I thought it was just a dream, but...

When dumbfounded, the voice rang again.

[After three seconds, the host will be imported into memory. ]

[1, 2, 3... Memory import. ]

After a brief sting in the brain, various images drifted across in front of me.

This body has the same name and surname as her, just over 17 years old. Shi Mu's mother is from the Li ethnic group in Miaojiang. According to legend, the females of his ancestors were powerful wizards, who were able to cast gu, cast corpses, pass talismans, exorcise ghosts, and were omnipotent. However, as time changed, all legends remained only legends.

On the day Shimu was born, all the delicate flowers and weeds within ten miles withered, the heavy rain lasted for half a month, and there was no clear day. The twin brother Shili, who was born with her, entered the intensive care unit in the county once he was born. He was peaceful and energetic. After the rescue came, his elder brother's body had been in poor health. Grandpa Shi Mu felt strange, so he rushed from Miao Jiang. From this look, he found that Shi Mu was different.

The young baby girl was born with enchantment. She was sucking her brother's life to maintain her own life when she hit her belly. Therefore, Shi Li's body was not as good as the day.

In addition, the little baby has inherited the abilities of the ancestors, her eyes can see things that mortals can't see.

Naturally, her situation could not continue to live with her brother, so her grandfather proposed to raise Shi Shi. The young couple who was afraid of their daughter agreed without hesitation. One year later, they gave birth to a lovely and beautiful daughter. The family completely took Shi Shi. Forget about it.

Although there is no parent company, the children who lived with his grandfather can be considered happy.

In order to suppress the gu worm in the body, the old man specially drew a talisman for her to wear it on her body, and taught her the art of exorcising ghosts. When Nai was still young, he learned a three-legged cat skill.

She was taken back to the city after her grandfather died a year ago.

Life in the city makes her very uncomfortable, and her schoolmates don’t look down on this “hillie”. When she returns home, she has excellent brothers and sisters to put pressure on her. Whenever something goes wrong, her parents will always take her and her sister. Compare.

Shimu lived with her grandfather since she was a child, and saw only a handful of times when she saw her parents. Shimu, who had complained about his family, broke out completely, chose to fall, skip class and fight all day long, or just call the gangsters brothers and sisters.

Yesterday, she also made a bet with her classmates that she would dedicate her blood to Fu Yunrui, so she tricked him into the hotel in the name of making up a class.

Shimu was startled.

Isn't this, this is the plot of "Dark Night"! ?

"Dark Night" is a suspenseful and horror passion comic, the main character is the story of the male protagonist solving crimes, defeating the villains and reaping love.

This comic has a smooth style and a touch of plot. The female characters are pretty beautiful. At first, Amway and her thief said that she would like it, but later found out that she was assed because the female villain in it has the same name and surname as her.

The female villain has a good temperament, with a big chest and a thin waist. Every man who has seen her wants to have a late night conversation with her, but what these men did not expect is that they are just the female villain's drug to maintain life and beauty...

After that, the female villain fell in love with Fu Yunshen, the mortal enemy antagonist in the plot. Unexpectedly, Fu Yunshen did not eat her. The female villain who fell to the head was unwilling to take revenge and killed his twin brother Fu Yunrui. .

Shimu shuddered at the thought of the final miserable ending of the female villain.

"You, you never said that I would come to such a place, are you kidding me?"

Now that she is still young, when she grows up a little bit, her body's desires will become stronger and stronger, and men will be attracted to her involuntarily.

The system is weak: [Better than you have been a lonely ghost, right? ]


Might as well be a lonely ghost.

"Can you regret it?"

[sure. ]

Shimu breathed a sigh of relief.

The system also said: [According to Article 888 of the contract, the host voluntarily breaches the contract and will die suddenly, and the soul will always be in the cycle of suffering. ]

"……I'm just kidding."

It is satisfied: [I am not unkind, now you can choose one of the following two tasks to complete. ]


[One: Let the big boss Fu Yunshen be your minister under your skirt, live and die for you, and hit the wall for you. ]

Shi Mu frowned: "How about two?"

[2: Become good friends with the big boss Fu Yunshen, hand in hand to build a socialist development path. ]

Shi Mu didn't hesitate: "I choose 2."

[Are you sure you don’t think about it anymore? ]

Shi Mu's face was determined: "Just 2."

The female villain in the plot was so coquettish and didn't solve Fu Yunshen. She didn't think that she might seduce the other party now. What's more... If you remember correctly, Fu Yunshen has a mental illness and doesn't like contact with girls.

[Congratulations to the host for accepting the main quest, I wish you a good time. ]

"Wait a minute." Shimu stopped him. "What counts as completion of the task?"

[You can check it in the task panel. ]

Task panel?

A blue light flashed down, with a few lines floating on it.

Main task: Become brothers with Fu Yunshen, and kowtow.

The current sibling value: 0. (Need to reach 1000000)

Only one million is considered complete.

...It feels so difficult.

She wrinkled her nose and scratched her messy hair sadly.

On an unfamiliar street, a black car slowly stopped beside her, and the window slid down, revealing a small half of a delicate cheek.


The young man's voice was cold, with a distant indifference that was not easy to detect.

Shi Mu turned his head to look, a little dazed.

Shi Li, her compatriot brother.

The driver got out of the car and opened the back door carefully.

She bit her lip and sat in slowly.

The car drove back into the sea of ​​cars, the car was silent, her hands were on her thighs, and the light from the corner of her eyes carefully glanced at the boy beside her.

Shi Li is weak, thin and thin, with clear and cold eyebrows and no dust.

Perceiving the line of sight, the boy looked over.

After staring at each other for a few seconds, there was a hint of mockery in his eyes: "I heard that you went to open a room with someone?"

Shimu was taken aback, how did he know? ?

"Who did you listen to?"

Shi Li snorted: "It's all at home. It's hard to know or not."



Ok? ? ?

He just said...Where is the trouble?

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