Shi's parents are both in the clothing business, with a medium scale, and their annual profits are not small. For Shili's health, Shi's father bought the house in Huadu District in the suburbs of Lingcheng. This is a well-known villa area, backed by the mountains, and the environment is quiet. Although it is a little bit off, it is quiet. Most importantly, it can ensure the safety and privacy of each resident.

The car slowly drove into the gate, and finally stopped at the gate.

Shi Mu got out of the car, looked up at this exquisite and unfamiliar double-storey villa, sighed heavily, followed Shi Li in the door.

In the living room, the atmosphere is weird.

Shi's parents were sitting on the sofa with gloomy expressions. Opposite, a woman in a black suit had sharp and indifferent eyebrows. Shi Mu turned his eyes and saw Fu Yunrui standing behind the woman like a little wife.

In the plot, the Fu family brothers follow their mother's surname. Later, the couple broke up and broke up. Father and Fu Yunshen were kicked out of the house. Fu Yunrui stayed with his mother to train as a successor. Fu Yunrui's mother was a vigorous business woman. , Speaking of one thing, the tutoring is very strict, and this must be Fu Yunrui's mother who has a strong desire for control.

Hearing the movement, several pairs of eyes fell all over.

"Parents, we are back." Shi Li put his schoolbag on one side of the table.

When his father was expressionless, "Ali will go up first."

Shi Li's eyes fell in different directions, a smile appeared on his lips, he said nothing, and turned and walked upstairs.

Shimu and a few parents were left in the huge living room.

"Shimu, why are you so shameless?!"

While she was standing, Shi's mother got up from the sofa, slapped her face and slapped her face. After a brief daze, she turned her face away.

When her mother settled down, she obviously didn't expect that she still had the courage to avoid it, and an even more raging anger followed. She raised her other hand and slapped it on Shimu's left cheek.

It hurts so fiercely, tears came out all of a sudden.

"I gave birth to you, is it for you to seduce a man? You are a girl from a family, and you still need to be shameless! You shameless, we still want it!" Shi's mother's face flushed and her whole body shuddered.

Shimu's stubborn character is not a day or two, but I didn't expect to have the courage to deceive other boys into opening a house with her, especially the powerful and powerful family of the other party, how can they provoke them to small businessmen.

Seeing this scene, Fu Qian's mouth twitched: "Mr. Shi, Ms. Shi, I will only say that once. Our family Yunrui is honest and easy to be deceived. This is his fault. But you have no way to discipline, that is You are not right. I implore you to take care of your children and stop letting her harass Yunrui's life again. If there is another time, don't blame me for being rude."

Fu Qian glanced at Shigu coldly, her eyes full of disdain as if she was looking at an ant again.

"Yunrui, let's go."

Fu Yunrui pursed his lips and looked cautiously. He lowered his head and Wei Wei Nuo followed behind Fu Qian. When he passed by Shi Mu, he stopped, "Schoolbag, I got it back for you..."

Fu Qian frowned, her voice raised: "Yunrui!"

He shivered and walked away quickly.

After Fu Yunrui and the others left, Shi's grandma walked downstairs.

The old man has always been uncomfortable with this granddaughter. When this incident happened, he felt even more shameless. He came up and said: "Your daughter is a debt collector. I think our family can't accommodate her."

Shi Mu gave Shi Mu a fierce look; "Go back to your house."

She picked up her schoolbag and turned to leave without saying anything.

In this home, Shimu, who is wearing a witch, can see ghosts and monsters, is a "evil". Grandma Shimu is afraid that unknown Shimu will harm her precious grandson and granddaughter. Not only does she not let her be at the same table, she also put her The room was in the small attic on the top floor.

The small attic only opened a skylight, the sky was cloudy and humid, and the day was hot and dry. The small room was separated by a bathroom, which was not large and cramped.

Shimu threw his schoolbag on the bed casually, reached out and took off his coat, only a piece of pink underwear was left. He was taking off, and there was a noise behind him. Shi Mu looked back, the bright and beautiful girl put her hands around her chest, looking at her slightly.

This is her younger sister, Shi Rong.

"Shimu, you really tricked Fu Yunrui to the hotel."

Shi Rong has just been promoted to high school, she is a school bachelor of No. 1 Middle School. She looks good and learns. She is a good student in the eyes of the teacher and a good baby in the eyes of parents. But only Shi Mu knows how savage and selfish her sister is. , This girl played the word inconsistency to the fullest.

"It's up to you." She stopped starting and took off her short hot pants.

"You..." Shi Rong was about to scold, only to find that Shi Mu's movements were slack. Even if she is the same girl, she still blushes, "Why are you so shameless, I haven't left yet, this door is still open, what are you taking off!"

As he said, his eyes glanced at her unconsciously.

Shimu is malnourished, she has a flat figure, and she has nothing to look good at, but she has fair skin and the sun shines, making people's eyes dizzy. The best thing is the legs, which are long and straight, and can be directly maintained in high heels. Close opening.

Shi Rong was a little jealous. Her features were better than her sister's. The disadvantage was that her skin was darker and she was too short, not as tall as Shimu looked at.

Shi Mu was a little impatient when she noticed that she was still there, "Are you still going?"

"Walk away, who will rarely look at you." After humming, Shi Rong turned around and left with anger, closing the door by the way.

She retracted her gaze and went into the bathroom.

The hot water gently washes away the tiredness of the body, removes heavy makeup, and looks carefully in front of the mirror.

The girl's facial features are sharp and beautiful, with a pointed chin, a high nose, thick eyebrows, slightly raised eyebrows, slender peach eyes, pale pink lips, the whole combination, and the seductive desertedness.

After growing up, some people commented that Shimu is a must-see in Lingcheng. Whether it is a business politician or a high-ranking official, they all want to pick up her beauty, but in exchange for nothing.

Shi Mu pulled down the hair on his forehead. The dyed red hair had grown into a short section of black, which looked a little unsightly. She turned out the drawer to find the scissors, and cut the messy hair three times and cut it off. After washing away, the girl with a short flat head in the mirror looked like an indifferent boy.

After taking a bath and going out, the phone on the table vibrated, and the WeChat message prompted Fu Yunrui.

[Fu Yunrui: Shimu, are you okay? ]

[Fu Yunrui: Actually, I didn’t tell my mother that my bank card was bound to her mobile phone number, and she knew it when making the payment...]

[Fu Yunrui: I really didn't say. Time twilight? Are you angry? ]

Shimu lowered his head and typed: How much is the room rate?

[Fu Yunrui: 248, what do you ask this for? ]


Shi Mu took a look at the change, and there was only 48 yuan left, which was just enough. She was not spoiled, and naturally did not apply for a bank card for her. Normally, her parents had paid her the allowance.

Putting down the phone, Shi Mu came to Shili's room.

After knocking on the door a few times, the other party finally opened the door slowly.

Shi Li has changed into his school uniform, simple and clean white shirt, casual shorts, thin and straight.

When he saw Shimu at the door, his eyes flashed with surprise. The two were brothers and sisters, who were alike. Now Shimu shaved off his long hair and stood in front of him as if looking in a mirror.

She directly stretched out her hand: "WeChat transfers me 200 yuan, and I will pay you back."

"Repay?" He raised his eyebrows, "What do you use to pay back?"


Shi Mu's face was ugly: "If you say it, then pay it back, whether you will give it or not."

He sneered and snapped the door shut.

Across the door, Shimu pointed a **** to the person inside, trot back upstairs, and at the same time, the mobile phone received the transfer record.

[Shi Li; 250 for you, no need to pay back. ]


Why does this man owe so much?

Shi Mu transferred the still hot 250 to Fu Yunrui again: Give you the 250, no need to pay it back.

[Fu Yunrui:? ? ]

However, Shimu has already deleted the person as a friend.

In the dead of night, everyone in Shi's family was asleep, only the small light in front of Shi Mu's window was on.

She can't sleep, her brain is clearer than ever. Although I took a life, I can face more troubles. First of all, this body's aptitude is rather strange. When I reach 18 years old, the uninhibited charm will control her unscrupulously. At that time, she was craving for desire. It will reach the culmination. In the original plot, the female villain would not hesitate to start with her brother in order to survive, and she was frantic thinking about it.

Shi Mu frowned and looked sad: "System, what if I want a man?"

System: [Then you want it. ]

Shimu: "But I also want to be honest.]

System: [You have all men, so what kind of morals do you need? ]


...It makes sense, she has all men... no no, she is a three-good young man and can't be confused by a man's chest muscles!

Shi Mu grabbed two hairs. What Mei Gu wanted was the essence of a man. To put it bluntly, it was Yang Qi. The reason for the violent need was that this body was yin, too weak to feed it. But if, if her body becomes better and her Yang Qi is full, so that Charm Gu can eat and drink enough, it will naturally not have the energy to toss itself.

She stroked her chin: "System, what would happen if I became a man?"

system:? ? ? ?

Shi Mu looked serious: "I can still happily be brothers with Fu Yunshen."

system:? ? ? ? ?

The calm electronic sound of the system finally got a little panic: [Host, you... are you going to change sex? ]

Shimu wanted to change sex, but it was not easy to implement.

In "Dark Night", the female villain is a heartthrob. Even if she is standing still, there will be countless men saddling her. However, the time passing by does not want this attribute, so she doesn’t pay attention. There will be no scum left to be eaten, even if it is for a small life, you must try to protect yourself.

Shimu summed it up: "Ah, you are so smart, can you transgender me directly?"

She felt that her logic was fine and feasible.


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