"Former chiefs to wear blackened" Author: Jincheng


Shimu travels to a comic where passion, suspense and terror coexist.

As a good temperament, big-chested and thin female villain, anyone who saw her wanted to have a late-night conversation with her. In the end, the gangster who was blackened was sold abroad.

Back in time ten years ago, the 17-year-old Shimu met for the first time a fairly innocent big boss.

The boy squinted in the sun and asked her name.

She was trembling: "Time twilight..." After thinking about it, she said, "Gender is male."


No way, in this world where love is the mainstay and the plot is supplemented, only the blue child can protect himself.

But what she didn't expect was that the big boss suddenly said to her one late night: "I want to attack, you make me happy, and occasionally you can do 1."


What the **** are you talking about?

In order not to be caught by the sun, Shidu hides his gender, trains abdominal muscles hard, devotes himself to tanning, and develops morality, intelligence and body in an all-round way.

"You are so beautiful," the boss smiled evilly.

Shimu: What's the matter with you, QAQ little brother? ? ?

Miaojiang witch villain X can't provoke a boss

Mine clearance: A woman disguised as a man is not an orthodox school daily essay, so don’t text it.

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Shimu travels to a comic where passion, suspense and terror coexist. As a female villain with good temperament, the final ending was sold abroad by the black boss. In order to protect her own morals, she hides her gender, trains abdominal muscles hard, devotes herself to tanning, and develops all-round morality, intelligence, and body. It is bound to become brothers with the big guy before the comics start to save the big guy.

The plot development of this article is interesting, the writing is fluent, the author's narrative is humorous, and the interaction is lovely. It is a joyful little essay for summer heat.

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