Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities


1216 Chapters Completed Status


[1v1 Shuangjie, hypnotism, koi, group pet]

Gu Yang, who had just inherited hundreds of millions of fortune, passed through the book, and became a fake daughter in the book who occupied the magpie’s nest and ended up miserable.

At the beginning, he framed the real daughter-in-law and forced the villain to be a blood bank. The decent villain offended all over again.

In order to get to the end, Gu Yang resolutely draws boundaries with the top members of the Gu family, apologizes to the heroine, replenishes blood for the villain, and lives on his own without risking death.


Gu’s father and mother: “No matter what, Yangyang is the daughter of my Gu family! Gu’s group also has Yangyang’s share!”

Younger brother Gu Pei: “I only have one older sister, Gu Yang! Sis, I’ll give you everything from the Gu family!”

The hostess Gu Jin: “What is the Gu family? If you want ten Gu families, my sister can get them for you.”

The villain Feng Jue: “My blood, my people, and everything about me are yours.”


The Jincheng wealthy family said in private, “The Gu family is all stupid, and the fake daughter is still a treasure.”

Until one day, the Gu family became the richest man in Jincheng and the leader in the industry.

Everyone is sour.

Hearing that Gu Yang hangs out with mental illness all day long, netizens ridiculed: “Is this also a mental illness?”

Big names from all walks of life stood up one after another: “I am her patient.”

Huaguo Psychiatric Association and Psychological Association: “That is our president.”

The whole network exploded.

Gu Yang felt that the little blood bank was good-looking and pitiful, she should treat him better and compensate him more.

Until one day, little pitiful pressed her against the corner: “Did you hypnotize me? My mind is full of you.”

Only later did she know that she was tossing and turning in the world, but he had been waiting for her.

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