Singer, the second elder of Utopia, whose original name is Jino Gagula.

He was once a talented rock singer, but he was framed by the king of rock and roll at the time for plagiarism and stealing songs. He became a plagiarist who was shouted at by everyone. His family was betrayed and his family was destroyed.

He is afraid of ghosts, but they have never hurt him at all. He is not afraid of people, but people have bruised him all over his body.

After that, there were no rock singers, only the number two singer on the hypnotist list.

At his enemy's grand concert, he hypnotized him into committing suicide by drinking a bomb. He used the enemy's account to post the banned hypnotic songs on the Internet, causing his enemy's fans to fall into hypnosis and commit suicide one by one.

From then on, his singing was not to please the public, but to kill people.

He no longer cares about right and wrong, and no one dares to hurt him with words from now on.

The singer thought that no one would remember the unknown rock singer Jino Gagula.

It was not until later that he heard Jiang Mo, a new generation of rock star from China, saying in public many times that Jie Nuo Jia Gula was his idol, the singing superstar in his mind, and his soul mentor.

The young singer Jiang Mo from China will learn about his inhumane past deeds, go to his hometown to pay homage to his tomb, and clarify his idol to his fans at his concerts. of the past.

Later, he would come to every Jiang Mo concert in disguise, sit in the corner, and listen to the singing and reverence of this only believer.

But he knew he didn't deserve it. He is no longer the Geno Gagra who was born purely for music. Today, he is a deadly hypnotist full of bloody crimes.

In a corner of the prison, the singer lowered his eyes and recalled the past, as if in a dream.

At this time, he heard footsteps and the administrator's voice reminding someone to come to visit the prison.

He noticed the familiar Chinese pronunciation of "Jiang Mo", raised his eyes blankly, and saw that the rock star who used to stand on the concert stage and attracted much attention appeared in front of him.

The bars seemed to separate them further than the noisy crowds at previous concerts.

Jiang Mo looked at the imprisoned singer with a complicated expression, "Are you, Jino Jagula?"

"I'm not." The singer tilted her head and quickly denied.

Jiang Mo looked at him silently for a long time before asking, "Why did you participate in the light cone experiment plan?"

Ryan does it to protect his homeland and old friends, Xiaoxiao does it for his family members who died in the war, the chemist does it for his dead wife, the physicist is crazy and wants to pursue his so-called truth, and Ning Shen wants to stop the second personality of the past. Blood crimes committed.

What about the singer?

His revenge has been avenged a thousand times over.

The singer joked in broken Chinese: "Conquer the world."

Jiang Mo looked at him steadily, "Do you want to use music?"

Singer: "No. I can't sing."

"I know you are my fan. You are almost never absent from my concerts." Jiang Mo said in his familiar language.

The singer continued to deny in Chinese, but was interrupted by Jiang Mo in his own language, "We can communicate in your native language. Jienuo, you have always been a rock star in the music industry in my mind."

Meeting Jiang Mo's serious gaze, the singer was stunned.

"You regret it, right? If the light cone experiment is as successful as you expected, you want to go back to the past and stop yourself from committing evil acts impulsively, right?" Jiang Mo's eyes penetrated deeply into the singer's soul.

The singer was silent.

He used to be so happy to kill his enemies and take revenge, does he regret it?

Yes, he regretted it.

He wanted to go back to the past not to achieve fame and become a music superstar, but to wash away the sins caused by past impulses and become a pure and innocent idol in Jiang Mo's mind.

If they could start over again, they could all be flawless good people. But unfortunately, their restart was stained with the blood of Gu Yang, the innocent sacrificer.

Jiang Mo said a lot in the cell that day, all about his past journey to fame as a rock singer and his admiration for him. The singer never said a word.

But before Jiang Mo left, the singer, who had always been tight-lipped, revealed all the secrets of Utopia that he knew.

Not in exchange for a reduced sentence, but just to listen to the boy's passionate rock song again.

(Full text ends)


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