Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 93 The Red Rose Incident

In the dark of night, Lu Xin climbed the eaves and walked the walls, looking like a huge spider.

He climbed through the rows of buildings and apartments at a bizarre and extreme speed, haunting the chaotic city in the dark.

Perhaps this time he borrowed his sister's power more confidently than the previous few times, so he was much faster than before.

In the city shrouded in darkness, scattered all over the place, from all angles, under the unevenly dispersed lights, his figure is getting faster and faster, and sometimes he blends into the darkness, and when he reappears, he is already hundreds of meters away. The weird feeling of running under the street lights...

"What's going on here now?"

While rushing on the road nervously, he kept his voice steady and asked Han Bing on the channel in a low voice.

"First, there was an incident of murder because of feelings in the Wanzhong shopping mall, and then it triggered a mass emotional disorder!"

In the channel, Han Bing's voice seemed fast and clear: "A man was suddenly stimulated because he saw his wife greeting a male friend. I regretted it too late, and jumped down, and after the onlookers witnessed this process, many people suddenly had strong emotional impulses and abnormal mental performance."

"Judging from the signs of chaos at the scene, it can be determined that a sudden incident of mental pollution occurred."


"I pushed my wife off because she was talking to a male friend, and then jumped off again?"

Hearing these words, Lu Xin even felt a little confused. While swinging the wires, he rushed to the opposite building, then reached out with both hands, fell steadily on the floor, and then climbed up, asking in a low voice, "I know. What's the matter?"

"After comparing the features, it can be determined that this incident is of the same type as the Jiujiang Road girl's marriage proposal reported by Team Leader Chen!"

Lu Xin's mind flashed through the crazy pictures he saw on Jiujiang Road before. He only remembered the crowds and crazy emotions running around, but he didn't see the existence of spiritual monsters. For him, this kind of problem was a problem. is the most difficult to solve.

Subconsciously asked: "How to solve it?"

In the channel at this time, Han Bing's voice also hesitated for a moment, as if listening to the voice from another direction, after a few seconds, her voice sounded quickly and clearly: "Just now, team leader Chen Jing She has initially submitted her preliminary investigation results on the sudden special pollution source incident at the intersection of Jiujiang Road intersection of No. 2 satellite city, which is suspected to be similar to the special pollution incident at Wanzhong Shopping Mall."

"Now report the preliminary investigation report of Team Leader Chen Jing:

"Tentatively named Special Pollution Event - 096

"Threat Level: Advanced

"Pollution Level: High

"Core key point: red roses

"Origin of Pollution: Suspected Human Intervention to Promote Transmission"


"Red roses?"

A lot of information flashed through Lu Xin's mind in an instant, from the scene where the girl he saw on the screen in the car proposed marriage and finally killed the young man, like a rose in blood, and flashed back strangely. Some time ago, he met the little boy with his head and his head at the door of the Red Moon Orphanage, holding a handful of red for sale, especially what he said at the time:

"Give the rose to the person you like, and she will fall in love with you..."


He didn't even know why he suddenly remembered that incident, and he wasn't even sure if there was any connection.

Is that boy a capable person, or a source of pollution?

Is he with Qin Ran?

So, when he stared at him at the beginning, did he accidentally bump into it, or did he go towards him?



After the routine briefing, Han Bing hastily said: "This is Team Leader Chen Jing at Jiujiang intersection using her ability to inquire from the pollution source, and adding her own reasoning to the investigation report, she believes that 096 The special pollution source incidents are all related to a strange rose, and the pollution source at Jiujiang intersection received a rose in the early stage of pollution."

"Since then, his mood has become obviously abnormal, and he has an abnormal phenomenon of admiration for the giver of roses. During his contact with the rose giver, he cannot completely satisfy his deformed and perfect possessive psychology, so this kind of There was great volatility and increase in emotions, and finally at the intersection of Jiujiang, this emotion accumulated to the extreme, and a mental pollution incident was formed in an instant."

"Chen Jing's team leader's suggestion, the logic chain can be understood as, when this rose enters the hands of the recipient through the hands of the giver, a seed has been planted, and then the giver and the recipient have planted a seed. The love behavior between the pollution sources, the various abnormal or normal emotions, are all cultivating this seed, and when this emotion is extreme, the recipient will explode."

"The recipient is gifted with roses, and has a deformed love for the donor, which is the first stage of pollution."

"The recipient's emotional outburst, which has a strong emotional impact on the surrounding people, is the second stage of pollution."

"There is not enough evidence to indicate whether a third stage of pollution will form..."


"The third stage of pollution..."

Hearing this, Lu Xin couldn't help but feel a little shocked.

He saw the intensity of the special pollution outbreak at the intersection of Jiujiang Road. It was precisely because of the riot caused by the outbreak that the "Qin Ran" sniper team was given the opportunity to take the painting and escape.

The pollution that time was almost completed in an instant, and the process seemed to be omitted in the middle.

And if, because of that girl's outbreak, so many people are suddenly affected, and these people who are affected by her can cause a third pollution outbreak...

How terrible would that be?

Will this explosive spread of spiritual pollution really pollute the entire satellite city in a very short period of time?

Subconsciously, he asked in a low voice, "So, how to stop it?"

Han Bing's answer was quick: "The more sudden this kind of pollution has a rapid and strong impact on the people around it, the logic chain is often unstable, and its influence is also not lasting, because its core key is not so strong. mental support."

"It can be inferred from the current data that the reason why the secondary pollution outbreak is so strong is because the rose has been supplemented with enough spiritual power on the girl's body. spread."

"The way it is polluted: Radiation effects spread!"

"As long as it is within a certain range of the red rose parasite that is experiencing secondary pollution, it will be polluted by it, resulting in a fanatical love mood, desperate to find a love object."

"But limited by the spiritual magnitude of the parasite, this kind of high-burst pollution method, the pollution level formed in an instant, most likely will not be too deep."

"So, the people who have been subjected to secondary pollution have a strong reaction, but they should still be saved..."


"Suggested action goals: First, remove the red rose parasite and cut off its pollution to the surrounding!"

"Second, look for secondary polluters and stop their spread."


After listening to Han Bing's report, Lu Xin had also arrived in front of the Wanzhong shopping mall a dozen streets away.

Climbing on the wall of the opposite building, he looked down.

Wanzhong Shopping Center is a shopping mall in the north of the city center. It was transformed from an abandoned building before the disaster. The area is huge, the building is tall, and the dome is wavy. Just because it has not been well cleaned in the past 30 years, it looks a bit shabby. There are many mottled and moldy traces on the original gray-white building surface.

In the shopping mall, you can see a brightly lit area, the glass doors at the entrance and exit have been smashed, and you can see countless frenzied people rushing out from the door. It looks like a piece of sewage is pouring in. this city.

"I'm afraid, it's not so easy to stop them from spreading..."

Lu Xin let out a low sigh, kicked his legs, bounced off the building, and rushed towards the entrance of Wanzhong shopping mall.

It may not be easy to do, but it must be done.

It's work after all!

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