One Piece: Start Fusion Uchiha Itachi

One Piece: Start Fusion Uchiha Itachi


157 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: One Piece: Start Fusion Uchiha Itachi

Chen Mu travels through the world of One Piece, and being alive is a blessing!

However, Chen Mu not only had no worries about survival, but also obtained the Uchiha Itachi template at the beginning.

Facing the kaleidoscope, Akainu said: "My magma can burn fire, but my magma was burned up by Chen Mu."

Facing Mu Dun, Warring States: "Become a Buddha on top? It turns out you are the real Buddha!"

Facing the Rinnegan Eye, Fujitora asked: "Why is your meteorite so big?"

Faced with the serious punch, Whitebeard said: "Chen Mu's punch is the one that truly destroys the world!"

Chen Mu: I just came to this world by chance. Who knew I would become invincible accidentally.


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