Transform into twin girls and start as Funina

Transform into twin girls and start as Funina


78 Chapters Ongoing Status


Su Mu accidentally awakened the twin role-playing system and transformed into a pair of twin girls in a parallel world.

From then on, he was both his sister Tang Lingman and his sister Tang Lingxue.

As long as you play a two-dimensional character and collect points, you can obtain props and skills.

So, in order to become stronger quickly, the girls embarked on a live broadcast journey!

“Drama is a story between truth and fiction.”

Playing as Funina and Yae Shenzi at the beginning, the whole network is excited!

“Is it an illusion? The fox is teaching Lord Water God to broadcast live?”

“Uuuu, I knew Fufu’s wife wouldn’t die!”

“Master Gongji, please put the jelly beans in my mouth!”

But when they exclaimed, the audience discovered that they were not as simple as 100% restoration.

The former is capable of controlling water showers and is friendly to water spirits, the latter is a fairy fox that shows its true form, and a scarlet cherry attracts thunder… Something is wrong. Why do you feel that these two are genuine?

Next, play the role of Thunder Movie and use Wu Xiang’s sword; play Hu Tao and control the zombie king to walk thousands of miles…

Seeing the beautiful girls appearing one after another, netizens are numb!

You promised COS, why are you even more outrageous than the original work!


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