Holy Grail War? Dragon Ball Wars!

Holy Grail War? Dragon Ball Wars!


330 Chapters Ongoing Status


Suppose...the masters and slaves really have a chance to realize the Almighty's wish...
So what will be the outcome of the war?
What kind of existence will the heroic spirits from another world become when they connect with the other world?
When the role of the cup is replaced by the seven magical beads, it is a fight that everyone longs for!
"Are you also the King of Britain?"
"My domineering power is extremely magnanimous, and I hereby give an order! The world! Surrender to me!"
"I'm just an executioner..."
"These guys are too difficult to deal with compared to the witch!"
"I didn't expect that I would be able to meet a heroic spirit with the power to save the world, okay! It's not an insult to EA to use it to deal with you with all its strength."
"So strong! Very strong! I activate the magic tube!"
The chaotic war started with the first Fuyuki...
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