Crossover in the Anime World

Chapter 3437 Evaporated

Huey didn't expect that Headshot Girl's superpower is hypnotic killing. What really makes the mind explode is the brain nerves awakened by hypnosis.

There are many cranial nerves in the human brain, some of which are awake and some of which are asleep. The headshot girl awakens all the sleeping brain nerves, causing the brain to explode.

Did he kill himself? Huey said that Headshot Girl's abilities were so weird that they were completely outside the law.

However, in addition to the law, there is also morality. The law cannot punish, but morality can criticize. The role of morality is to make up for the lag of the law. As long as the interests of others are affected, even if it is not illegal, morality can still be criticized. Of course, morality is also easy to abuse, because in life, no one can touch the interests of others. As long as you stand on the moral high ground, there is no one who cannot be blamed.

Therefore, morality can only supplement and cannot be used as a standard for punishment.

But faced with the headshot girl's miraculous killing method, Huey knew that he could not rely on the law to punish the other party, and could only let the black-robed pickets take action secretly.

"It seems that the best option is to listen to Frankie and let her disappear mysteriously and quietly from public view. It is currently impossible for everyone to try her for her crimes." Huey listened to Du After Lan's introduction, he also realized that the principle of superpowers was more complicated than he imagined.

Even if he saw the superpower of the headshot girl, it was just seeing her that awakened his nerves. But it will take time to establish a direct link between a person's death and awakened nerves. During this time, Headshot Girl may hurt more people.

"You can use the Superman potion to gain superpowers for twenty-four hours. She cannot awaken Superman's brain nerves, and you can defeat her directly." Duran said.

Huey looked at the potion handed over by Duran and suddenly said: "You have so much technology and so many abilities, why don't you do something to save this country?"

Duran said: "The United States has a debt of 33 trillion, how much are these technologies worth? Even based on the eight billion people on the earth, each person has to pay back 4,125 US dollars. Do you think these technologies of mine can help Are you willing to spend so much money? Even if you can really earn 33 trillion, why should I pay back the money?"

Huey was silent, as if for this reason, the debt of 33 trillion is no joke, and the debt is still rising. Nothing was done, just one trillion and one trillion more.

A trillion dollars of money can make a sound if thrown into water.

If the rate of making money cannot keep up with the rate of interest repayment, then there is nothing you can do.

"So the best way is for the debtor to disappear." Duran said.

In fact, it is okay for the creditor to disappear. After all, there were many wars between moneylenders and debtors in the past.

"I know." Huey also knew that Duran really couldn't solve the problem, so he would do what he could.

After injecting the Superman potion, Huey suddenly felt that the world had become different, and then rushed towards the Tiangong, preparing to carry out ultra-long-range sniping in the atmosphere.

Of course, this can't be known to everyone, so Huey first made an appointment with the headshot girl and told her that if she didn't want her secret to be exposed, she could come to the Grand Canyon alone.

The Headshot Girl couldn't let anyone reveal her secret, and everyone who knew it would die.

So Headshot Girl arrived as promised, but she didn't know that Huey was outside the atmosphere, targeting her at an altitude of 100,000 meters.

If Superman really wants to kill someone, he can do it completely invisible. He doesn't need to fight the villain for 300 rounds, and he won't have zero dodge.

It's just that Superman doesn't like killing, and he also wants to prevent the villain from expanding his damage, so he can only bear all the damage from the enemy and cannot use his own magical killing techniques. He doesn't want everyone to be scared because they are afraid of him, so he would rather hide his strength.

It doesn't matter to Huey. Anyway, it's just Superman for one day, and it's gone when it's done.

The headshot girl arrived at the designated location and was ready to kill and silence her. As long as she looked at her, her head would be shot. She believes that the other party doesn't know the opportunity for her to activate her super powers, and may be able to eliminate the other party.

However, while she was still thinking, she suddenly felt her Tianling Gai getting hot, and then she lost consciousness. Huey completed the sniper attack from an altitude of 100,000 meters and directly killed the headshot woman.

Then he threw the body of the headshot woman into the sun. It took him eight minutes to send the body to the sun for cremation at the speed of light, and another eight minutes to return to the earth. Since then, the world has lost a headshot woman and a vice president.

The Vice President is unimportant and no one cares. Only the CEO knew that his daughter must have been plotted against, and now there was no one left to inherit his will.

"Superman, this is all your fault." Although Duran told the president that he stood for the loser all over again. But failure and victory are relative. Without Superman, the CEO feels he can win.

Yes, it's all Superman's fault. It was Superman's appearance that caused chaos, it was Superman's appearance that caused decline, and it was Superman's appearance that caused his daughter's disappearance...

All the mistakes are Superman's fault. Unfortunately, the CEO can't do anything about it. If he can't defeat him, he just can't defeat him.

Even after gritting his teeth, he could only swallow it in his stomach.

Having lost his goddaughter, the CEO has become much older.

At this time, only Xuan Ye and Shen Hai were left in the Super Seven. Xuan Ye hid and became a killer in a low-key manner, collecting money to do things. The deep sea is plunged into a crisis for the sea and humans, because with the discharge of nuclear sewage, marine life begins to mutate, which makes the deep sea a headache.

The sea creatures asked him to do something as soon as possible, but there was only one person in the deep sea, so he couldn't do anything. I also expressed my opinion to the religion, but their answer was: pretend they haven’t seen it.

Deep Sea is helpless, but there is really no way.

As a result, the deep sea was abandoned by the sea. As long as it enters the sea water, marine life will attack in groups.

The deep sea is very confused. Who do you think you are? At this time, he saw Starlight and Maeve who were still active, and hoped that they could help.

"You have to help marine life and stop nuclear sewage." Shenhai said helplessly: "Now I can hear the mutated wails of marine life every day. If this continues, marine life will turn into monsters."

"Why didn't you stop it earlier?" Maeve asked.

"I don't want to break up with humans. As you know, I should reach a balance between humans and the ocean." Deep Sea said.

"I think you want the benefits of both sides and don't want to fulfill the obligations of both sides." Maeve exposed the other party ruthlessly.

Deep Sea smiled awkwardly.

Starlight hates Deep Sea because on the first day she joined the Super Seven, the opponent made unspoken rules about her. Seeing this face made her sick. It was also because of this that she saw the true face of the Super Seven. These guys were bastards.

However, she has a clear distinction between love and hate. Although she hates the deep sea, she should protect marine life. She said: "Maeve, let's go."

"That's fine."

"Thank you." Shen Hai burst into tears of gratitude.

The Super Seven can be renamed into heroines and useless men. The male heroes are either evil or incompetent, and only the female heroes can support the world.

In the past, there was a huge gap in physical fitness between women and men, but with the advent of superpowers, women's physical strength has caught up, and it is completely possible to establish a matriarchal society.

Superpower is a good thing, it is really a big variable, many things can be changed. Weakness becomes strong, strong becomes weak, everything is changing imperceptibly.

Dulan thinks matriarchal society is not bad. In his opinion, there is no good or bad system, only efficiency. Although he likes high-efficiency systems, he can't help but like some people who like low-efficiency systems.

In troubled times, various systems and ideas take turns to be used. Both ideal and realistic ones can be used. It will take hundreds of years to choose one that everyone accepts.

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