“It should be!”

The third generation also smoked a dry cigarette with a sad face and nodded: “This way everything can be explained!” ”

“As for how strong is the Eternal Kaleidoscope Sharingan?”

“I don’t know if you remember a sentence that the teacher said when we were children, not long after we were accepted as disciples by the teacher.”

“That is, Uchiha’s kaleidoscope chakra eye is not an ordinary kaleidoscope chakra eye;”

“Ordinary kaleidoscope chakra eyes will gradually become blind, but Uchiha’s kaleidoscope chakra eyes are eternal and will not be blind.”

“Eternal, eternal, does this mean that the reason why the original Uchiha spot was so strong was because of this eternal kaleidoscope chakra eye?”

Because it was too long ago, he hadn’t thought of it yesterday.

But today, seeing the inference of the eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye in the intelligence sent by the big snake pill, the three generations suddenly remembered the memories of this childhood.


Koharu and Mizuto Menyan suddenly realized when they heard this: “It seems that the teacher did mention this in the first place; ”

“So, Uchiha Fugaku was seduced by Uchiha and Uchiha’s subordinates, so he killed his father and wanted to open the Eternal Eye to deal with Uchiha Xuan?”

Otherwise, why didn’t you do it earlier, but did it after Uchiha killed Uchiha?

Originally, they didn’t quite believe that Uchiha Gengen really killed Uchiha Madara.

Now, they are somewhat convinced.

“However, I don’t know if this matter is good or bad?”

Mito Menyan frowned slightly: “Of course, Uchiha Genh has an extra powerful enemy, but the death of Uchiha Tian Sakae and the defection of Uchiha Fugaku have given the Uchiha Gen’s family the opportunity to completely control Uchiha and twist it into a rope; ”

“The people sent by the Uchiha Patriarch have lost Fugaku and Uchiha Tian Rong, and with the means of the Uchiha Xuan family, it is estimated that it will not be long before all the opposition voices in Uchiha can be completely unified;”

“That’s not a good thing for us!”

“A unified and powerful Uchiha is definitely not what we want.”

“You have to find a way to weaken and divide the inside of Uchiha, you can’t let them really be monolithic!” The threat is too great! ”

Inheriting some of the ideas of the second generation, they Konoha F4 has a crush on Uchiha.

The thoughts in my heart have always been 26 divided and suppressed.


Turning to sleep, Xiaochun also nodded solemnly: “Sun chop!” Can you cultivate one or two people from the original patriarch faction to compete with the Uchiha Xuan family? ”

“How is Uchiha Xuanshui, the seventh elder of the Uchiha clan?”

“It’s useless!”

The three generations shook their heads helplessly: “When Uchiha Tian Rong was still there, they could only shrink, and now that Uchiha Tian Rong and Fugaku are gone, it is no longer possible to support them to compete with the Uchiha Xuan family!” ”

“Over the years, relying on the super high welfare benefits in the clan and initiatives such as ethnology and meritorious halls, the Uchiha Xuan family has encircled most of the Uchiha;”

“Originally, there was still the existence of this Uchiha Tian Rong and Fugaku, and there were some people who were not wooed by them!”

“Now, it’s only a matter of time before these people are completely wooed by the Uchiha Xuan family!”

“When the absolute position is gone, the interests are the ones that can win over the hearts of the people the most;”

“Uchiha Xuanshui wants to compete with the Uchiha Xuanshui family, and it’s still a little worse!”

“However, he is Fugaku’s father-in-law, and his daughter and Fugaku even have children!”

“When the child is born, it is impossible for their family to be wooed by the Uchiha Xuan family;”

“It is good to win over and promote him, let him expand some of his voice within Uchiha, help us make some stumbling blocks for Uchiha Chiichi, and slow down the development of some Uchiha.”

“In addition, I think that the focus of dividing Uchiha should still be on the ninja school side;”

“Before, I discussed with Uchiha Taei that every year the Uchiha clan would send 2-5 Uchiha children to study at the ninja school;”

“They are the best people for our influence!”

“I will arrange this matter, you don’t have to worry about it!”

He was not even very comfortable with Koharu and Mito Menyan.

He knew his two companions too well.

They may not be as ambitious as Tuan Zang, but their desire for power is also not small.

They cannot be allowed to sit on their laurels.

“That’s all there can be for now!”

Koharu and Mito Monyan nodded helplessly.

They couldn’t figure it out, how could the situation of the Uchiha clan become like this?

The source of everything seems to be that Uchiha Gen.

But now people have grown up thoroughly, except for a little younger, their strength is much stronger than all of them.

It’s not at all that they can deal with it.

“Later, I am going to issue a wanted warrant for Uchiha Fugaku to the ninja world, how much do you think is more appropriate?”

The three generations asked instead, and added: “The Uchiha family is ready to offer a reward of 100 million alone. ”

I have to say that the current Uchiha is always rich.

Even he salivated.

It’s a pity, it can’t be done.

“One hundred million? Hiss! ”

Xiaochun gasped when he heard this, and then said with a cold face: “They are really rich!” ”

Without money, how could he easily take out 100 million to reward Fuyue?

She admitted that she was envious and jealous.

Mito Menitis too.

Think how much money did they make for decades with the help of power?

“In that case, then we can’t be lower than Uchiha and also offer a reward of 100 million!” Anyway, you don’t have to take money for the time being! ”

Koharu continued.


Mito Menyan nodded approvingly.

“Done! That’s it! Issue a wanted warrant now! ”

Seeing that the matter had been decided, the three generations immediately began to draft the wanted warrant and released the news of the wanted Fugaku.

At the same time, he also sent someone to invite the great elder of the Uchiha clan and informed him of some information.

Soon, the Uchiha clan also officially announced that Fugaku would be expelled from the Uchiha family tree, and Fugaku was no longer a member of the Uchiha clan.

At the same time, a reward of 100 million will be offered to the outside world, and the head of Fuyue will be rich.

Within a few days, the news spread throughout the ninja world.

For a while, the entire ninja world was in an uproar.

“This Uchiha Fugaku is really ruthless! Actually killing his father? ”

“O filial piety! Filial piety to me! ”

“Filial piety is strong!”

“A hundred million? That’s a lot of money! I want this Uchiha Fugaku’s head! Don’t grab it with me! ”

“Silly ×! Is this 100 million so easy to take? Are you afraid that you don’t know that Uchiha Fugaku has opened the kaleidoscope chakra eye, and his strength is already shadow-level, so you still want to deal with him? ”

“Why can’t I? Can’t fight head-on, can’t I still use means? What about shadow levels? It’s not unkillable! ”


Many people gloated at Konoha and Uchiha, feeling that they were also unlucky to have such a big filial piety.

Some people have their eyes on Uchiha Fugaku’s head, wanting to get a bounty.

Some people even stared at Fugaku’s kaleidoscopic chakra eyes.

The Land of Rain, in the new headquarters base of the Xiao Organization,

“Xuanxi, look at this information, what do you think of this person? Is it right for us to woo over? It’s pretty strong to watch! ”

On this day, Xiao Nan found Xuan Xian with a bounty order and asked.


Xuan Xi took the bounty order and looked at it, and immediately thought to himself: “Isn’t this Fuyue?” Actually mixed up like this? ”

“The murderer of the father is eye-catching, it seems that the Buddha-figure made something happen!”

“That’s awesome!”

“However, if you want to recruit him, you still have to ask the Buddha-figure first.”

After all, Xuan Yue felt that Fugaku, who had no bottom line, was in some danger. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The current Xiao Organization was very different from the original timeline, and he didn’t know if it was right to recruit Fuyue at this time.

As for Fugaku will not join?


He must still be desperate.

After all, Fugaku is now Uchiha’s surrogate, close to Nagato, and controlling Nagato is exactly what he needs.

Of course, he estimated that Fugaku would still open a new vest and come out to do things under the name of Uchiha.

Immediately, Xuan Xian communicated the Flying Thunder God Mark in his body and sent a message to the Buddha-figure.

In the next moment, the consciousness of Uchiha Xuanbenzun descended into Xuan’s body.

In an instant, Uchiha Xuan knew Xuanxi’s memories during this time and the question he wanted to ask.

Uchiha Xuan immediately replied, “Fugaku has been enslaved by me, and he is considered his own person!” Although he is just a tool person, he is destined to be abandoned in the future, but it is not impossible for you to recruit in! ”

“But be careful, don’t show your stuffing!”

“This cargo is swirling white, and that guy is still in the dark!”

“Can’t let others know that Fugaku is my slave, so be it!”

After speaking, Uchiha Xuan’s consciousness left.

“Is that actually the case? Sure enough, the Buddha-figure is doing something! ”

Xuan Yu was also happy in his heart, and immediately said to Xiao Nan: “You can try to recruit, but even if he joins, you must guard against him more in the future; ”

“After all, this person can even kill his biological father, he is definitely a neurotic, abnormal kind;”

“Maybe they’ll backstab us sometime;”

“So, be careful with him, just use him as a tool man, don’t really give trust and affection.”

At present, the Xiao organization is not strong enough.

Therefore, for this kind of bad talent, they are also introduced.

Previously, the Red Sand Scorpion was also introduced, a figure master.

That’s another neuropathy.

Make yourself an adult puppet, and also a talent.

“Hmm! Listen to you! I’ll remind Yahiko and Nagato! Go first! ”

Xiao Nan nodded with a smile, raised the bounty order in his hand and left.

On the same day, Uchiha Fugaku’s side received news from Black and White, knowing that he had been expelled from the family tree, and was also wanted by Uchiha and Konoha.



He was so angry that he smashed the table in front of him with a punch, and said angrily: “You actually removed my family tree? There is also a reward of so much money, it must be the handiwork of Uchiha Xuan! Hum! One day, I will take revenge! ”

Hei Jue on the side listened, and although he was speechless in his heart, he still spoke on the surface: “It is imperative that you put most of your energy into improving your strength; ”

“You must not only familiarize yourself with and develop the Eternal Kaleidoscope Sharingan, but also improve ninjutsu and physical skills;”

“In the short term, don’t go to the trouble of Uchiha Genshen first! That little devil is too strong, I’m afraid you’ll be killed!” ”

In the face of a demon like Uchiha Xuan, Kuro must not be cautious or cautious.

“I know! Keep pointing me out! I won’t mess around! ”

Fugaku nodded expressionlessly.

In fact, he had already scolded Hei Jue in his heart: “You are a black and unslippery garbage, you actually dare to blaspheme Lord Xuan, you already have a way to die; ”

“Wait, when you help Lord Xuan complete his mission, it will be your time to die.”

Kuro never knew that Fugaku had already set the end for him in his heart.

He suddenly remembered the matter of the Eternal Eye, and couldn’t help but ask Fugaku: “Speaking of which, how do you know about the Eternal Eye and the method of opening the Eternal Eye?” ”

Fugaku listened, and immediately said lightly: “My father accidentally found a secret room under the Minami-Kaga Shrine, and there was a stone tablet left by the Six Dao Immortals; ”

“Those who have opened the kaleidoscope chakra eye can see the method recorded above, the method of promoting the eternal eye.”

Hei Jue listened to it and was stunned.

Sure enough, this thing!

He felt that he had been overthinking before, and he thought that Fugaku had something wrong with them.

Now it seems that they were all fooled by the stone tablet he modified at the beginning!

This feeling, it’s quite cool to think about.

After 2 days,

[You observed the whole process of Uchiha Fugaku fusion to open the Eternal Kaleidoscope Writing Wheel Eye through the Seal of Enslavement, and gained insight into the mystery of Fugaku’s pupil technique, you had an epiphany, and created the pupil art archive cultivation method, pupil reading file cultivation method, and eternal kaleidoscope cultivation method (ordinary version)]

[Pupil Technique Archive 343 Cultivation Method]: Xi Zhi can obtain the Time System Pupil Art Archive, which can obtain 3 save bits at the beginning, and cultivate to become proficient and have 5 save slots, 10 small into 30, 20 in large Cheng, and 50 in perfection. The maximum archiving period is 50 years.

[Pupil Reading File Cultivation Method]: You can get the time system pupil reading file by practicing it, which can be read and archived.

[Eternal Kaleidoscope Cultivation Method (Ordinary Version)]: Xizhi, ordinary kaleidoscope writing wheel eye opening This can improve and improve the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye step by step by practicing this method, and finally complete the promotion to the eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye.

“Finally arrived! Hey! These, I can also cultivate these two pupil techniques to further improve my survival ability!” ”

Uchiha Xuan smiled.

Immediately began to cultivate these two pupil techniques.

Because he had already created this cultivation method by epiphany, this thing was not difficult for him at all, even if he was a time-type pupil technique.

It only took him half a day to cultivate these two pupil techniques to a complete state.

With 50 save bits, the limit is 50 years of archive time.

Reading the file is even less to say.

He can complete a hundred readings in one breath, and he is extremely fast.

These two pupil techniques are already fully capable of being used in actual combat.

“Huh? Daddy looking for me? ”

He had just finished his cultivation and was about to relax and go shopping with Jiu Xinnai, but he received a signal from his father.

Immediately “Brush!” The disappearance appeared in the tent of his own father in the Konoha camp in the Mist Hidden Battlefield.

As soon as he came over, he swept his mental power, and after finding that there were only his father and eldest brother in the camp, he directly waved his hand to arrange the isolation enchantment, looked at his father and eldest brother and asked: “Is there anything to find me?” ”

Uchiha Qianyi immediately spoke, “What is the current situation in the clan?” There was no mess, right? The people of the patriarch family didn’t stand up and make trouble, right? ”

Uchiha Xuan smiled and shook his head, “Of course not! Daddy, who do you look down on? The clan has long been under my control! ”

“It’s just that an old immortal Uchiha Tian Ei died, it’s not a big deal.”

“You didn’t call me here to care about this, did you?”

“Naturally not!”

Those people were enslaved by him, and it was strange that they would stand up and do things.

In order not to be discovered, he has recently arranged for those people from the patriarch’s faction to choose to come to his side.

It is estimated that it will take more than ten days to complete this cover-up.

In the future, Uchiha can also claim to the outside world that there is only one voice and one faction within him.

Uchiha Senichi shook his head and continued, “Not exactly! My side also subdued the Uchiha brought by those Fugaku; ”

“In addition, I want to ask you, should I go back to the village in the near future and finalize the position of patriarch?”

There cannot be no patriarch in the family, otherwise it is easy to go wrong.

It is also easy for three generations of them to take advantage of the opportunity to do things.

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