Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 82 - Human And Demon (Part 2-Last)

Hearing Lilith's words, Bai Zemin's expression changed several times as he looked at the scene in front of him until finally, a flash of resolve shone in his eyes.

He began to step forward slowly and Shangguan Bing Xue as well as Chen He called out to him a few times but he ignored them both, completely focused on the sight before his eyes.

A male student suddenly grabbed the arm of a female teacher and threw her to the ground harshly. The woman in her early thirties screamed in terror but her cries for help and pleading were ignored amidst the chaos where similar scenes were constantly happening.Â

The male student jumped on top of the woman and began tearing at her clothes with an ominous grin. His eyes seemed to be bloodshot as he shouted and cursed, "Even that stupid dog Chen He was defeated! It's only a matter of time before we're hunted down too! At least I'll have some fun with you before I get killed by some monster hahaha!"

Earlier, when the survivors heard that Chen He was in danger of being killed and saw the look of dread on the face of the student who was standing guard near the entrance, most of them thought they were going to die. As for those who were naturally calmer, they were swept away by the fear caused by seeing the behavior and hearing the cries of others.

Only about five minutes had passed since then but there were more than twenty people who had been killed in some way or another and at a glance, Bai Zemin could see that there were at least fifty to sixty wounded.

Even with Liang Peng and the rest here it was impossible to stop more than five hundred people completely. This only got worse when the survivors who were instigating the chaos realized that even if they were caught they would just be beaten and thrown aside; considering they were going to die soon anyway, why not do whatever they wanted in the meantime?

As he slowly approached the male student who had malicious intentions towards the female teacher, Bai Zemin couldn't help but remember his first meeting with Lilith ten days ago. Back then, when she told him that she was a succubus, he immediately raised his guard against her even more than usual. After all, she was a demon.Â

As the days progressed, Bai Zemin's guard against her gradually eased and he no longer viewed her with such wariness after hearing her explain to him how what the bible quoted and humans knew was not exactly correct. However, that slight guard he had against her had almost been completely relieved just now.

What was the first thing that came to everyone's mind when they heard the word "demon"? Those who were arrogant, greedy, envious, lust-filled, and angry, an embodiment of pure evil that would try to lure good souls to the side of darkness with their sweet words.

But... How about the word "human," then? Those who were annoying, nasty, horrible, rude, arrogant, immoral, confusing, disdainful, violent, threatening, rule-breaking, harming, and hurting others out of greed.

Weren't humans even worse than demons from that point of view? At least that was the answer Bai Zemin had reached for when his hand touched the male student's shoulder.

"Wait for me to finish and it will be your turn then!" The male student grunted in annoyance, straining to remove his pants to begin his act.

Sensing that the hand still remained firmly on his shoulder, the student turned around angrily and began cursing, "You bastard! I told you to wait until-"

But his words caught in his throat when he finally recognized the face of the person standing in front of him.

"You... Bai..." The student's teeth clicked against each other and his face went pale, unable to finish a single sentence properly. His face became even worse when he saw Shangguan Bing Xue and Chen He standing unharmed a short distance away.

Before the male student had a chance to try to say anything or utter another word, Bai Zemin's right hand shot forward and with a sharp squeeze his trachea was crushed and his head fell heavily to the side.Â

Bai Zemin casually threw him to the ground without giving another glance, but if he looked at him again he could see the male student's eyes wide open before his death filled with horror.


His body turned into a shadow and the next instant he appeared before a second student who was violently beating another fiercely.

As in the previous case, the student's neck was completely broken and he fell forward. Before the student who was being beaten could clearly see what was happening, Bai Zemin had already disappeared.

Swoosh!... Crack...

The sound of gusts of wind followed by the terrifying sounds of fragile bones being mercilessly crushed rang out several times but were suppressed by the screams of fear, cries of despair, and laughter of madness coming from the survivors.

Gradually, however, more and more survivors began to notice that something was not right as people, one after another, fell to the ground with broken necks.

"W-What's going on!" One burly student stopped in his tracks and looked around as he shouted in an attempt to shake off the fear he felt, "Come here if you're a man!"


The burly student's neck cracked and the man died pathetically without knowing what had happened even until the last second.

Bai Zemin's Agility had currently reached 126 points in total, which made him 12 times faster than a normal person. With such speed, his movements in a closed environment were limited but at the same time explosive. Therefore, in a matter of seconds, more than thirty people were slaughtered by his hands.

The wild movements of the crazed survivors began to cease quickly as the more intelligent ones noticed that only those who caused chaos were dying. However, even after they stopped, the scythe of death came down harshly and firmly on their necks and claimed their lives without mercy.

A minute later, all the survivors who were trying to assault female students or female teachers, all those who were physically attacking others or committing some kind of act considered vandalism had been slaughtered. Among them, forty-two were male and six were female.

The now less than five hundred survivors looked apprehensively at the person standing amidst a pile of corpses whose expression was as nonchalant as if he had not killed nearly half a hundred people but as if he were ordering takeout at a restaurant before the apocalypse.

Bai Zemin looked at both of his hands and was a little startled to realize that he felt nothing; he felt no sympathy or fear or pity for the people who lost their lives under his hands.

This was the first time he had killed directly and it wasn't just one person... It was dozens at the same time.Â

The right thing to do would be to at least, at the very least, feel a touch of sorrow... Bai Zemin felt nothing but calm and even thought that what he did was the right thing to do. As to whether it was the right thing to do or not, everyone could have different opinions about it.

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