Elf World: All Mega Battles

Elf World: All Mega Battles


195 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Elf World: All Mega Battles

"Transcendence evolution! Mega evolution!"

When Yin Chengfeng, who was standing on the playing field with Z Pure Crystal and a giant wristband, waved his hand, the Pokémon behind him completed the super evolution...

A brand new king ascended to the top with great strength.

In front of them, the mythical beast could only be subdued, because he had power in his hands that even the mythical beast would covet.

PS: A large number of original megas from all generations of elves are included! There are also bonds you have never seen before, the biting land shark and the mega Koga Ninja Frog! The traditional plot lines are advanced along the way, and a large number of original plots are added to ensure the personality characteristics of each Pokémon. The battle descriptions are detailed and there are no poisonous points. The author himself has a talent for tentacle monsters. There are 15 to 20 chapters updated daily, so please feel free to read!


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