The piercing sound of the howling wind reached Bai Zemin's ears from the first moment the ice stake had left the bowstring's bow. Immediately and without delay he pressed the blades of the evolved zombie down with all his might; instead of sending it flying like the previous times, this time his aim was to do his best to keep it firmly in place without allowing it to move.

The ice stake that had been used as an arrow hit the back of the evolved zombie hard and easily went all the way through its body until the tip protruded into the chest area.


A strange roar similar to that of a wounded lion erupted from the evolved zombie's mouth as its green eyes widened and it began to struggle frantically in an attempt to free itself from the strange object that had pierced its body. Unfortunately for the beast, the ice stake created by Shangguan Bing Xue had been shaped in such a way as to make it easy to pierce through flesh but extremely difficult to get out due to the small sharp spikes protruding in the opposite direction.

Realizing that it might be in real danger of death, the evolved zombie began to struggle frantically trying to flee.

The smell of rotting flesh and dried blood assaulted Bai Zemin's nostrils; obviously, the evolved zombie had been delighting in other creatures and other humans slowly over the past few days. However, although the smell was foul, he gritted his teeth and stopped breathing to firmly hold the zombie in the window area without letting it escape.

Shangguan Bing Xue's ice skill is extremely powerful and amazing, but Chen He's marksmanship is really great considering he was only using a normal bow to shoot this ice stake. Bai Zemin silently thought.

"Liang Peng, pull the cable! With all your strength!" Bai Zemin shouted out loud.

The girls in the dormitory were shocked, but they soon realized that this young man was not alone as from the floor a deep voice echoed everywhere.

"I'm on it!"

Immediately afterwards, along with a war roar coming from outside the building, the evolved zombie suddenly howled in pain. The ice stake firmly stuck into its flesh stabbed with far stronger thrust and tore the inside of the creature's body as the carbon fiber cable was fiercely pulled taut.

Due to the great strength used by Liang Peng, the evolved zombie flew out of the fourth floor window and began to plummet towards the ground.

"You girls stay away from the door and wait here."Â

Without looking back, Bai Zemin said those words and jumped out of the window while using one foot to propel himself forward.

The group of four friends looked at each other and quickly began to move the beds toward the door to act as obstacles that could buy time in dangerous moments, drawing strength from where they didn't know they had it after so many days without good food.

* * *

Outside the building.

"Jaaaaaaaah!" Liang Peng screamed at the top of his lungs as the muscles in his body expanded to twice their normal size.Â

"Go to HELL!"

Seeing the blue-skinned zombie falling towards him, Liang Peng raised his huge hammer and swung it behind his body before swinging it with all his strength forward.

The surrounding air seemed to blast due to the amount of Strength used and because the evolved zombie was squirming in pain in the middle of the air and unable to control its body it had no chance to dodge.


The infected was hit hard and its body that was falling in a curved line was sent flying in a straight line as if it was a meteorite.Â


The zombie's body hit the wall of the nearby building hard and a pile of rubble collapsed onto it.

"Phew... It wasn't so much in the end, was it?" Liang Peng looked at Shangguan Bing Xue who was several meters away and relaxed.Â

The Strength he had used along with the powerful blow of his hammer was enough to bring down an entire house. Liang Peng did not believe that a creature whose body was so thin as a stick could survive after being hit by such a blow.

"Retard! It didn't die yet!" Bai Zemin shouted after falling to the ground and immediately broke into a sprint at full speed.


Suddenly the dust cloud opened up completely and the rubble was cut into countless pieces at lightning speed. Before Liang Peng could react, the evolved zombie charged forward and raised its blade as it fiercely slashed downward.

Liang Peng's face turned white like a cartoon ghost. Seeing those bloodshot eyes staring at him with murderous intent brimming over, Liang Peng's last thought was that his life was over.

In fact, it should have been. Fortunately for him, Shangguan Bing Xue did not believe that a creature similar in level to the giant elephant beetle would die so easily even if her reasoning told her that it was impossible to survive such a powerful attack.

"Ice Wall!"Â

Shangguan Bing Xue's hurried voice rang out and less than a second later a meter-thick wall of ice appeared before Liang Peng, separating him from the evolved zombie just before it managed to deal the killing blow.

A tearing sound echoed through all the nearby buildings as the blade of the evolved zombie sliced through the thick wall of ice as if it was made of soft, thin cotton.

"Ice Bullets!" Shangguan Bing Xue couldn't help but let her expression change when she saw how easily her defensive wall was knocked down and quickly gritted her teeth, spending a quarter of her current Mana to create twenty small ice bullets and launch them forward.

The ice bullets looked like real bullets as they moved at speeds difficult to track with the naked eye. However, to Shangguan Bing Xue's disbelief, the evolved zombie's greenish eyes glowed and the bullets were deflected by the same strange energy barrier that had stopped Bai Zemin's blood chains and blood spears.

The sound of the ice bullets hitting the strange barrier was similar to that of small metal spheres hitting a steel plate and a second later all the ice bullets had melted into the ground.

Swoosh!... Swoosh!... Swoosh!

The wind howled and the evolved zombie quickly turned its body before starting to cut with its only intact blade as one of them had been destroyed by Bai Zemin's constant attacks and Liang Peng's powerful final blow with his hammer. In less than a second, the creature had managed to make three different cuts, showing that even if it was wounded its speed was still as scary and horrifying as ever!

Clang!.... Clang!... Clang!

After three metallic sounds, three arrows fell to the ground a close distance from the evolved zombie. The evolved zombie looked towards the distant building and its eyes glowed ominously as it glared at Chen He, who was stunned to see the power demonstrated by the zombie in front of him.

In fact, it was not only Chen He. Shangguan Bing Xue and Liang Peng were shocked and frightened after realizing the reason why Bai Zemin had previously refused to fight this creature.

Was this the power of a First Order creature? The blue-skinned zombie's power was too strong! In just two seconds it had shown enough power to prove to them that no one could really stop it!

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