Zerg OL: This Game Has 100 Million Points of Liver

Zerg OL: This Game Has 100 Million Points of Liver


948 Chapters Ongoing Status


If one day, when you find out that the immersive game you play is not a game but a reality, what will your reaction be?

A game called Zerg OL is sweeping the world. In this game, you need to play a bug to help the leader Jiang Yao rebuild the bug swarm and resist the human imperial army that may appear at any time to wipe them out.

“Mengxin, is this game fun?” Mengxin, who is new to the group, asked.

“A newcomer is here, this game is very fun!”

“Mengxin, go! This group is full of perverts!”



“The person who chatted with you just now has not been offline for 72 consecutive hours. He just entered the ICU yesterday!”

“Is this game boring?” Mengxin was a little confused.

“Extremely disgusting! Playing other games requires money, playing this game is useless!”

“The liver doesn’t matter at all, they call me the Emperor of the Liver in other games!” Obviously, the naive Mengxin obviously didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter.

until one day.

“Since playing Zerg OL, now my waist is no longer sore, and my legs don’t hurt anymore. I’m only 20 years old, and I’m a young man with baldness. My blind date girls call me uncle, it’s great!”

And for this group of players, Jiang Yao is also heartbroken.

That steel thunder beast over there, don’t go up and listen to my command! The Titans of the Order of Titans are coming! Don’t go alone in the group!

Dragon! Play battleship! You are against the air! Don’t hit the ground! There are ground units on the ground to fight!

Those devourers of the N74 galaxy! Fuck! Don’t spray on that blue planet, it’s your home planet! I’m not kidding!

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