Wine Sword Immortal: Divine Level Winemaker, Drunkenly Kills Tianmen!

Wine Sword Immortal: Divine Level Winemaker, Drunkenly Kills Tianmen!


148 Chapters Ongoing Status


Tianmen comes to the world, the Spirit Qi revives, and strange beasts descend.

Young Wang Xianxian accidentally awakened to his vocation in life [winemaker]

In times of desperation, understand the way of wine and awaken your vocation [Wine Sword Immortal]

From then on, Wang Xianxian began the road of becoming stronger by drinking wine and getting drunk.

Many years later, the wine Sword Immortal stood on the gate of heaven.

Watch the comic Celestial Beast.

With a flick of the left hand, the immortal brew is opened.

He shook his right hand and started drinking.

Sword Immortal is carrying wine in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.

Drunk and kill Tianmen!

"The world of mortals is already crazy with a sword, but with wine one can climb up to the sky."

Reporter: Mr. Wang Xianxian, when faced with an enemy many times stronger than you, what kind of faith did you have in charging forward?

Wang Xianxian: I forgot.

Reporter: So how did you kill it?

Wang Xianxian: I forgot too.

Reporter: Did you say you forgot because you didn’t want to reveal too many details?

Wang Xianxian: No, I really forgot. I drank too much and lost the film...


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