When I write a bug it becomes the core gameplay

When I write a bug it becomes the core gameplay


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Recently, Gu Fan, the president of Nitiantian Games, once again fell into the spotlight because of a small bug in the new game.
As a top designer in the industry, all games designed by Gu Fan have very distinctive characteristics:
At first, players felt that these games were junk games with boring gameplay and purely disgusting players.
But after players discovered a major BUG, the gameplay of these games has undergone earth-shaking changes, making people sleepless and unable to stop!
As a result, players once again started a big discussion about "Is this a BUG or a game mechanism?"
In this regard, Gu Fan seriously clarified in the interview:
"Hello everyone, I am Gu Fan, a game designer. You can also call me by my English name: fan·gu (anti-bone).
"I solemnly declare once again that these so-called 'core gameplay' are not our company's original design, they are all BUG! It's just because players like it, so we haven't fixed it!"

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