Water Margin Immortal Path

Water Margin Immortal Path


105 Chapters Completed Status


Traveling back to the Northern Song Dynasty, he became Wu Song, and from then on he unfolded a magnificent fairy tale landscape.
One hundred and eight demons reincarnated and caused chaos;
The spirit of the true dragon is torn apart, and the Song and Yuan Dynasties are fighting;
The Xianmen and the Hiddenmen appeared one after another to control the court;
Confucianism, Taoism, Law, and Buddhism are all yin and yang, and a hundred schools of thought contend:
Taoist priests who guard the dragon veins, demons who escape from control, monks who guard the destiny of the country, warlocks who kill invisible people, low-level sects, secret successors who control machine beasts, Meng Yuan warships sailing into the sea...
A different world of immortals and heroes...

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