Warhammer: I don’t want to be a can of worms! ! !

Warhammer: I don’t want to be a can of worms! ! !


685 Chapters Ongoing Status


This is an extremely dark world.
The Emperor walked the earth, trying to restore the glory of the Empire.
But the fate of mankind has long been toyed with by evil gods.
In the precarious future, there is only endless darkness and war.

The Death Guard named Hades appears.
The threads of fate are intertwined. Can the existence from the outside world reverse the tragedy destined for thousands of sentient beings?
The gods placed their bets.

But Hades doesn't know this at the moment. He is crying like a fart whose toes have been stepped on.

"Help!!! Why is this the world of Warhammer?!"

"Also, why am I a Death Guard?!!"

"Is it too late to kill yourself and start again?!"

It's a funny novel. The nerdy and unscrupulous male protagonist travels to the world of grimdark, where he wanders around with his legs broken and crying like a bastard.

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