Warhammer: I am the Hammer of the Empire

Warhammer: I am the Hammer of the Empire


409 Chapters Completed Status


In the 41st millennium, the hope of the human empire, Regent Guilliman returns.
But this has nothing to do with the mortal legions far away in the Gondva galaxy.
For over a hundred centuries, the Emperor had sat motionless on the golden throne of Holy Terra. He is the Lord of mankind. Fight the darkness with endless armies and millions of worlds.
However, thousands of souls are sacrificed every day so that his soul can continue to burn.
As one of the countless living beings in this era, living under the most cruel and bloody regime you can imagine, enduring eternal carnage and massacre, the cries of pain and sorrow are drowned out by the longing laughter of the God of Darkness.
This is a dark and terrible era. There is no peace among the stars, because in this dark and distant future, there is only war.
When a time traveler raises his head and looks at the starry sky, he will eventually become the Emperor's most important currency, the Astra Militarum, and the greatest general in the Imperial Hammer.

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