Warhammer: From Planetary Governor

Warhammer: From Planetary Governor


265 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Warhammer + Farming + Space Opera]
In the 41st millennium, darkness is raging!
The human empire lost half of its territory.
Millions of planets are invaded by Chaos!
Famine is everywhere, crime is rampant, cults are everywhere...
The planet Erth, located on the dark side of the empire, is experiencing extreme suffering.
Fortunately, the savior Ron has arrived!
He awakens the essence of subspace and leads the development of the whole people!
Start with a small, ruined territory.
Farming, explosives, internal affairs, unifying the planet, building space warriors, forming the Star Sea Fleet, the Great Expedition...
When the regent came with an expeditionary fleet to regain the territory.
He looked at the extremely prosperous star field and the group of starships that covered the sky, and then looked at his broken spaceships, and he was suddenly confused...
Who is the empire?

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