ultimate infinity

ultimate infinity


144 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: ultimate infinity

I use a world to strengthen the protagonist's talents and change the race.

I use two worlds to make the protagonist stronger.

In the world of Martial God, I give the protagonist a strong talent and spirit, giving him unlimited possibilities.

In the world of immortality, I let the protagonist embark on a journey of cultivating immortality and finally embarking on the path of supreme brokenness.

Powerful in one world, invincible in two worlds.

Looking at the infinite world, endless chaos, even the final void, I am absolutely invincible.

A world chronicle, a time of chaos.

A total of nine Ganges sands are light-years away.

Offer a Chaos Shatter as a sacrifice.

Only then can I make the protagonist truly invincible.

And after that, in the infinity of space, where can I not go?

I don’t seek omniscience, I just want the protagonist to be omnipotent.

I don't like tragedy. If possible, I want the people I care about to be happy forever.

Countless years later, I just want to travel the wonderful world with them again.


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