Uchiha: Starting from Tobirama Jinchuriki

Uchiha: Starting from Tobirama Jinchuriki


321 Chapters Ongoing Status


Year 44 of the Konoha calendar.
The Uchiha clan has a lane king.
Qing Shui started from the Senju Tobirama in the opponent's body and became the second generation Hokage Jinchuuriki...
[Let’s go up, Lama Fei]!
Everyone in Uchiha: I have such complicated feelings. Is this the reincarnation of patriarch Izuna, or is he the evil Thousand-Armed Demon?
Uchiha Madara: Qing Shui must be the reincarnation of Izuna Chakra! He is indeed my brother...
Sarutobi Hiruzen: Teacher...is that you? The monkey recognized you!
One after another, the heroes of the ninja world are dancing on this land.
But in the end…
They are just nutrients for Qing Shui to become the strongest!

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