Traveling through time 10,000 years late, I was forced to become a powerful person

Traveling through time 10,000 years late, I was forced to become a powerful person


366 Chapters Ongoing Status


After traveling through time, Shen Yuan originally thought that he could join the Immortal Sect and live a happy and immortal life with the help of the system, but who would have thought that the Luoyun Sect in the novice guidance mission had been destroyed ten thousand years ago, and he was ten thousand years late!
The road to immortality seems to be hopeless, but Shen Yuan discovers a new way to open system tasks.
Since the Luoyun Sect has been destroyed for ten thousand years, no one will object to my self-proclaimed sect leader, right?
Write your name in the suzerain list. Completing the hidden achievement: Lord of a Sect will reward you with the earth evil power: Hu Tian.
The demonic giant from ten thousand years ago left behind his remnant soul, and is he going to hide it in a ring and become a grandfather?
Destroy the ring with a backhand. Completing the hidden achievement: Nemesis of the Demonic Way will reward you with the earthly evil power: Exorcism.
In the ancient forbidden land thousands of years ago, because of the exhaustion of spiritual energy, only a barren mountain cemetery was left?
An engineering team was dispatched to renovate the scenic spot and relocate the cemeteries one by one. Complete the hidden achievement: conquer the ancient times and be rewarded with the divine power of Tiangang: Seven Nail Head Arrows.
While Shen Yuan was busy working on his hidden achievements, the legend of the powerful return of Luoyun Sect quietly spread throughout the entire cultivation world.

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