Transmigrated As The Perverted Young Master

Transmigrated As The Perverted Young Master

266 Chapters Ongoing Status



Such a powerful phenomenon holds the truth about the living.

But when you're dead while "masturbating" it is another matter and when you find death isn't the end, it is also another matter.

Damien was just your average perverted young man, who just

doesn't even have time to tame his little dragon.

He dreamt about becoming a small-time villain in the novel called 'Blood & Throne,' where the villain named Damien Von Zadkiel, was just a useless and perverted son of a powerful duke.

He got away with pretty much everything; he slept with the most beautiful of beautiful ladies. Hell, he even slept with Queens and other important ladies from the noble households.

He enjoyed life until he triggered the 'War of the four Kingdoms,' when he slept with the Winter Queen on her marriage bed. The Winter King who came back after defeating the ice demon found them snuggled under his bed.

This triggered the tension between the kingdoms to break out, ultimately resulting in the war.

But before he could even watch his own doings, our villain got killed by the so-called protagonist for enslaving his girl.

But even his death was worth it as he got to enjoy everything fine in his life. Fine ladies, fine food, money, and everything you could dream of.

The office Damien wanted a life like that, where he could just leisurely enjoy everything.

Fate had other plans for Damien, as he suddenly died of a heart attack while taming his roaring dragon and finds himself in the body of his very own idol.

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