The Toy Merchant Who Started in the Wind Capital

The Toy Merchant Who Started in the Wind Capital


461 Chapters Ongoing Status


Simple version:
This is the story of a toy merchant with some conscience but not much who sells toys in the world of Kamen Rider.
Full version:
"Neon City, Neon City, the museum organization collapsed,
The bastard bastard boss Ryube Sonosaki ran away with his little kitten.
We don't have any way to use the memory to offset wages.
The original price is more than 100 yuan, more than 200 yuan, more than 300 yuan, and the memory is 20 yuan.
20 bucks, 20 bucks, all, 20 bucks, all, 20 bucks.
Oh, little sister, don’t leave!
In addition to selling memories, we also sell coins, switches, rings, and small fruits! If you don’t want this, we also have bottles, toy cassettes, eyeballs and so on! "
"Arthur, why are you arresting me? I am a toy merchant!"

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