The Three Dragon Kings of Douluo

The Three Dragon Kings of Douluo


140 Chapters Ongoing Status


The Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus Rex family was reborn, and Ghidorah's martial spirit was awakened.
Innately full of soul power, with the three attributes of thunder, fire and wind, he is known as the number one genius of the Blue Lightning Overlord Sect.
He punched the good-for-nothing Yu Xiaogang and kicked the traitor Liu Erlong.
He took the fairy grass by force and stirred up Xiao Wu.
Unify the world and become a god at level 100.
Also known as "My Grandfather is a Titled Douluo", "The Immortal Grass Predator", "Shilipo Sword God", "Fancy Suppression of Tang San", "Rabbit Meat Cooking Guide" and "I Don't Eat Beef"
ps: If you don’t know Ghidorah, it won’t affect your viewing. I wish everyone good luck in the Year of the Dragon.
The timeline of this book has been modified from the original work, and the settings are based on this book.

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