The sun is sailing: the golden lion is great again

The sun is sailing: the golden lion is great again


57 Chapters Ongoing Status


Speaking of the remnants of the new era, people will think of Whitebeard.

However, more than 20 years ago, there was another man who almost killed Roger and dared to attack the navy headquarters alone.

Golden Lion – Shiji.

Now, a soul from the present world traveled through time and became the golden lion Shiji.

Awaken the [Task System] and issue tasks yourself.

So a person rejuvenates and regains his peak strength,

The golden lion, which can also continuously increase its power, appears in the pirate world.

As someone who loves the world of pirates very much,

Once you have the power, you must stop those heartbreaking tragedies.

Nami, who had her relatives killed and was forced to steal,

Robin, who lives alone at the age of 8, Princess Vivi, whose country is in a mess,

Rebecca, who had her country stolen but still had to fight in the arena.

To prevent all kinds of tragedies,

It is my duty as a golden lion!

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