The sin of wearing a crown

The sin of wearing a crown


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[You have traveled through time, and the wealthy businessman starts the game, but the blood stains all over the floor remind you that everything is not normal. Just when you are about to clean up the scene, there is a knock on the door from the police...]
[You are imprisoned and are about to be pushed to the shooting range as a scapegoat. In order to save yourself, you can only find a way to bribe the prison guards...]
[You discovered during self-rescue that the peanuts on the shooting range are not the only threat to your life. There are unspeakable things lurking in the darkness, revealing a hungry mouth...]
Once he traveled through time and was imprisoned, Lin En could only rely on his own brain to survive. He worked hard from the bottom to become bigger and stronger and create greater glory. He never thought that the world would never be as good as he wanted.
Years later.
"Why do you call me the evil god? It's time to liquidate you, the parasites of history, the remnants of the past, the hangings on street lamps, the reactionaries!"

Nature, sequence, relics, extraordinary people; this is the struggle of those from the lower reaches of history.
War, capital, innovation, gods; this is the crowning legend of the Underlord.

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