The Shadow Army of Kexue World

The Shadow Army of Kexue World


141 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: The Shadow Army of Kexue World

After stealing the Tara Mask, the treasure of the Shadow Kingdom.Travel to the world of Detective Conan and become Mao Lilan's cousin."Black Shadow Legion, come out to pick up corpses." "Black Shadow Legion, go give Gin an explosive gift bag." "Hello Mr. Mouri Shun, how did you surpass Kudo Shinichi and become a Japanese policeman?" The savior." "Hello Mr. Mouri Shun, what do you think about those high school detectives calling you a bastard?" ······ Look at me, Mouri Shun, in the world of science, how to rebuild the Black Shadow Army and how to become Intelligence businessman and detective.


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