The Secret Garden of the Dandelion Troupe

The Secret Garden of the Dandelion Troupe


387 Chapters Ongoing Status


(This book is purely fictional and involves characters, plots, institutions, religions, etc., which have nothing to do with reality. Any similarities are purely coincidental, please do not substitute them.)
This is an open world, where technology and magic coexist, and demons and humans dance together. The courtyard that symbolizes the other world distinguishes the pride of settlers and adventurers. Here, humans are also on the side of the predators in the endless battle.
When the demon lord unfolds his giant wings that cover the sky, the burning holy sword, the protection of the world, and the glorious magic power build a palace of the void.
Kings, witches, ghosts, brave men, devils, there are always some special beings among adventurers who hunt monsters. It is the adventurer's job to compete with monsters for possession of the courtyard.
Mu Hua, a member of the Dandelion Brigade, is also one of many adventurers.
Many people who are familiar with Mu Hua are always curious about why he always gives strange names to the Terra life he created.

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