The rich second generation villain wants to kill me in the beginning!

The rich second generation villain wants to kill me in the beginning!


372 Chapters Ongoing Status


This book is also called: [The Rise of China, I, with Fuxi’s Martial Spirit, dominate the world] [Destined Villain; Stealing All Opportunities for the Protagonist]…

Underground boss Su Yun traveled through time. Unlike others who traveled through time and became the Son of Destiny, he became the villain in a book.

In the original work, the villain’s father is one of the six great gods of China, and his mother is from an ancient family inherited from the Qin Dynasty. The eldest daughter of the Qin family can be called the most powerful second generation of rich people in China.

He himself has awakened the martial soul of the ancient god Fuxi. He possesses the blood of the god and has an incredible talent.

Liu Ting, the school beauty of Qingbei College, is Su Yun’s fiancée. They could have been together in a legitimate relationship, but he just likes to be a licking dog. Liu Ting cuckolds the male protagonist and uses his parents as a stepping stone for the male protagonist. were also killed.

Facing this bleak life, Su Yun couldn’t bear it anymore. With such a perfect start, invincible background, invincible talent, and invincible power, he was actually played like this all his life.

As soon as she regained consciousness, Liu Ting became aggressive towards him, asking him to let go of a man who was pursuing her, or else she would kill him.

“My fiancée threatened to kill me for another man.”

“Liu Ting, you are not worthy of being my woman. Tomorrow I will let the people below come to your door to terminate the engagement.”


Su Yun’s eyes were cold, and he turned around and left with the maid, leaving Liu Ting who was stunned on the spot.

But what he didn’t expect was that the next day, Liu Ting launched a crazy pursuit of her, and even…


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