The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful


486 Chapters Completed Status


People flock into the holographic virtual lord game "Lord of Glory", only to find that they couldn't get offline.
All players became lords and fought for survival and honor.
Ji Chen found himself loaded with a troop talent tree, able to strengthen the skills of the troop types and even upgrade their ranks.
Dragon Blood Fishman, Tidal Naga, Death Squid, Pure Blood Sea Elf, Deep Sea Goblin, Cang Dragon Knight, Death Leviathan, Northern Sea Giant Demon, and other powerful troop types arrived one after another.
From then on, a lord and the aboriginal fear of the sea lord was born!
In the boundless ocean, an ocean island became that bright pearl of the ocean.
Players: This ocean lord is a bit unusual!

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