[Shuangqiang Su Shuang, sweet pet without abuse!]

The entire Yunzhou knew that the Ye family had an extra oil bottle, Ning Li.

A humble background, ignorant and unskilled.

Ning Li, who was reborn, looked at her 17-year-old herself in the mirror and smiled.

This year, her appearance has not been destroyed by her step-brother, her glory has not been stolen by her step-sister, and everything that belongs to her has not been taken away.

It must be very interesting to do it again, with grievances and grievances, revenge.


After Ning Li was driven out of Ye’s house.

The best in the entertainment industry solo: Sister, this stage and me belong to you.

Top international racers: Who bullies our captain?

Heir of the Top Luxury Group: My dear, I have picked some small gifts for you. Do you want to buy another villa and store it?

Father with so much money: Come back and inherit the family property!

Lu Er Shao squeezed her face and whispered to coax: Wait a minute, little ancestor will come home with me first.


Rumor has it that Lu Ershao’s appearance is exquisite, the flower of Gaoling.

Until one day, someone saw a hand-painted picture dropped from Lu Er Shao’s book, with short hair covering his eyes on the paper, and his silhouette was cold and arrogant.

Overnight, the whole city is boiling!

The next day, Lu Er Shao was blocked.

Ning Li, who happened to be passing by, thought of the little affection in the previous life, and without a word, went up and beat everyone up.

She patted him on the shoulder:

“No thanks.”

Lu Huai and looking at the little girl in front of them quietly hid the love letter they just got in their hands, and laughed:

“Saving grace should be repaid by the body.”

A long time later, Ning Li looked at herself on the sketch and was silent for a long time.

“…The misunderstanding is big…”

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