The Life Through Books of the Salted Fish Family

The Life Through Books of the Salted Fish Family


773 Chapters Ongoing Status


After Yan Yu’s family read through the book, they discovered that the protagonist of this ancient novel was the original uncle.

They took their uncle to drink blood, were separated early, and were pulled out for a walk at the end of the full text to show how miserable their lives are.

At this time, the plot is going to the point where the cousin is ruined by others, and the uncle comes to the door to reason and is injured. If the wheat in the field is not harvested, it will be desolate. Twelve taels of gambling debt…

When they were at a loss, [Support Trading Platform] was overjoyed.

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Whoooo! move! Yes, we are poor!

A family of three: waiting to be separated by fate, self-reliant, and trying to survive.

But he didn’t want to, uncle, he was reborn! ! !

After some consideration, he decided to protect his family and embarked on a completely different path.

Reality: what? No distinction?

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